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Barnwood Builders Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rebuilding Grandma's Cabin in Montana

Mark Bowe and the guys travel to Montana so they can rebuild Grandma's cabin from last season. They give the 150-year-old home a new life as a cliff-side lodge. They also explore wild west cabins and enjoy some Montana ranch fun.


Episode 2 - Building the New England Barn in South Carolina

Mark Bowe and the guys take on their biggest build yet, resurrecting the massive New England timber frame from last season as a family retreat in South Carolina. It's six days of heavy lifting, precision craftsmanship and big fun.


Episode 3 - Saving a Rare Log Springhouse

Mark Bowe and the guys wade into the water to save a dilapidated springhouse. Back at the boneyard, they rebuild the springhouse and finish the inside of the container cabin.


Episode 4 - Saving a Hand-Hewn Cabin and a Rare Hand-Cut Chimney

Mark Bowe and the guys explore a perfect pioneer settlement complete with wood, water and stone. They save the classic log cabin and transform its hand-cut sandstone chimney into a fire pit grill.


Episode 5 - Salvaging Rose's Cabin from the Woods

Mark Bowe and the guys salvage wood from Rose's unfinished dream cabin and transform it into a beautiful table with a rose inlay for Rose's daughter.


Episode 6 - Building a Double Pen Log Vacation Rental

Mark Bowe and the crew work with one of their most passionate and knowledgeable clients yet. Together, they build a huge double pen log cabin on a platform 13 feet off the ground.


Episode 7 - Reclaiming a One-Room Log Schoolhouse

Mark Bowe and the crew go deep into the woods near Ruddle, West Virginia, to reclaim a rare one-room log schoolhouse full of history. Back on the boneyard, the schoolhouse gets a whole new life.


Episode 8 - Rebuilding the 100% Cabin and Restoring a Legacy

Mark Bowe and the guys take the 100-percent cabin to South Carolina where they rebuild it as a hunting cabin. While there, they work with the client's kids to build a camping cabin out of their ancestor's log home.


Episode 9 - Rocky Mountain Cabin

Mark Bowe and the team bring an Appalachian-style cabin all the way to Cortez, Colorado. Before they leave, they also rebuild the Virginia springhouse, which will support a living roof.


Episode 10 - Drive-Through Corn Crib

Mark Bowe and the guys use over 100 antique logs from two tobacco barns to build a dramatic entrance. The drive-through double corn crib requires a lot of teamwork and involves some of the trickiest notching they've ever done.


Episode 11 - Barnwood Leftovers Get Upcycled

Mark Bowe and the guys are finding creative uses for all their leftovers from taking cabins down. Using spare small beams, they'll build a pavilion and sell their scraps as upcycled products.


Episode 12 - Wild Rock Pavilion

The guys work with three centuries of materials and techniques in one project. Using custom 21st-century steel brackets and hand-hewn 19th-century beams, they create a one-of-a-kind pavilion for the Wild Rock Community Center.


Episode 13 - Bird's-Eye Barn

The guys take down a massive double-pen barn in southern Indiana. While they work to save every log and barn board, Mark Bowe visits an incredible lodge built from a different barn they took down in nearby St. Meinrad.


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