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Barnwood Builders Season 14 Episodes

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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Fun in the Field

The Barnwood Builders have a whole lot of fun in Abingdon, Virginia. While saving an old barn, the guys explore the local history as they work with a master craftsman, operate an old sawmill, explore a restored cabin and even drive an antique tractor.


Episode 2 - Smoky Mountain Magic

The Barnwood Builders head to Gatlinburg, TN, to build a cabin in the Smoky Mountains, but a narrow access road makes it difficult to reach the job site. Johnny and Graham take in the local arts and crafts, and Larry Melton stops by to surprise the crew.


Episode 3 - Treasure Time

In Blountville, TN, the Barnwood Builders find a true treasure: a log cabin built in 1818. Mark teaches the new crew members how to scout log cabins, they take a trip to historic Blountville and Johnny Jett gets to knock over an old home all by himself.


Episode 4 - Log Cabin Treehouse

The Barnwood Builders create log cabin treehouses in the Smoky Mountains of Sevierville, TN, and must maneuver the logs through trees to reach the raised platforms. Later, the crew explores a cabin that served as the capitol of the Southwest Territory.


Episode 5 - Swing Beam Barn

The Barnwood Builders take down an 1839 swing beam-style barn in Blairstown, New Jersey. While Mark works on his New Jersey accent, the guys explore a Christmas tree farm, work with a beekeeper and visit a craftsman who makes brooms the old-fashioned way.


Episode 6 - Paris Puzzle

The Barnwood Builders head to Paris, Texas, to turn an 1800s cabin into a bridal suite, but they suffer a setback when most of the logs are missing tags. Mark and Teeshawn explore the Texas countryside, and the guys visit an extraordinary blacksmith shop.


Episode 7 - Lone Star Chapel

The Barnwood Builders return to Paris, Texas, to build a one-of-a-kind timber frame wedding chapel. Later, the guys get a motocross demo from a professional rider and visit a log chapel they helped build in Virginia to celebrate its 250th anniversary.


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