Barnwood Builders Season 13 Episodes

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Season 13 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Design Drama

In the hills of Alabama, the Barnwood Builders take on their most-complicated build ever to create a monster-sized wedding pavilion dreamed up by designer Karen Tillery. It's the perfect marriage of wood and steel!


Episode 2 - Family Fishing Cabin

The Barnwood Builders travel to Kentucky to help Sherman Thompson build a fishing cabin for his family. With help from Sherman's daughter, Felicia, they stack a cabin with sawn logs, and all that hard work leads up to a big reward for Sherman.


Episode 4 - Cabin on a Cliff

The Barnwood Builders climb the Alabama mountains to build a cabin for designer Karen Tillery, but the jobsite becomes a big challenge that forces the crew to dig into their bag of tricks. Mark Bowe visits a pre-Civil War log house he saved with his son.


Episode 5 - Keep on Grindin'

The Barnwood Builders travel to Johnny Jett's hometown of Goddard, Kentucky, to save a 19th-century gristmill. Johnny takes a tour of his artist studio and shares some treasures from his front porch, while the guys visit a cabin replicating life in 1815.


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