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Family Matters Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rachel's Place

After Steve accidentally burns down the local hamburger joint, he suggests Rachel buy it and run it herself. With the help of Carl, Harriette and Mother Winslow, she does.


Episode 2 - Torn Between Two Lovers

Steve Urkel mistakenly believes Rachel is romantically attracted to him as she prepares a candle-lit dinner--for her loan officer.


Episode 3 - Marriage 101

To her horror, Laura gets paired with Steve for a class project in which the participants pretend they are married. Harriette is depressed because Carl takes her for granted--until he recognizes the error of his ways by hearing how Steve treats Laura.


Episode 4 - Flashpants

Harriette and Carl Winslow compete in a dance contest with Carl's police captain and his wife. Both men injure themselves but insist on continuing.


Episode 5 - The Crash Course

Steve Urkel faces a future in military school when, to win Eddie Winslow's friendship, he falsely confesses to crashing the Winslow family car.


Episode 6 - Boxcar Blues

While Carl Winslow chases a suspect, he gets trapped in a moving boxcar with Steve Urkel. Steve's uncertainty about choosing a career leads Carl to the realization that he should no longer pressure his own son to become a cop.


Episode 7 - Dog Day Halloween

Carl must save Steve and Laura, who have been taken hostage during a Halloween robbery.


Episode 8 - Cousin Urkel

When Steve goes out of town, his look-alike, sound-alike, act-alike cousin Myrtle, the belle of Biloxi, arrives and falls madly in love with Eddie.


Episode 9 - Dedicated to the One I Love

Harriette becomes jealous when a pretty neighbor becomes attracted to Carl. Steve Urkel, meanwhile, gets a girlfriend--and it's not his beloved Laura.


Episode 10 - The Science Project

Laura's happiness at getting Steve to be her partner for a science project turns to terror when she has a nightmare about him building an atomic bomb.


Episode 11 - Requiem for an Urkel

Steve amazes everyone when he challenges the school bully to a fight after he learns that Laura's honor has been insulted.


Episode 12 - Fast Eddie Winslow

When Eddie loses $250 to a hardened pool hustler, he's rescued by Steve, who challenges the hustler to a game.


Episode 13 - Have Yourself a Merry Winslow Christmas

Christmas is never more wondrous for the Winslows than when they see that Steve's belief in Santa Claus may not be misplaced.


Episode 14 - Ice Station Winslow

Carl's decision to take his reluctant son ice fishing almost ends in tragedy when the ice on the frozen lake gives way.


Episode 15 - Son

Harriette acts as peacemaker when a fierce argument between Carl and Eddie threatens to tear the family apart.


Episode 16 - Do the Right Thing

A guilty conscience plagues Carl when he finds a diamond bracelet; Steve faces his own conscience when he has a chance to ruin Laura's latest boyfriend, the new basketball player at school.


Episode 17 - High Hopes

Steve finds an unorthodox way of curing Carl of his fear of heights. Rachel and Harriette argue over just who won a car on a radio contest.


Episode 18 - Life of the Party

Aunt Rachel rescues Steve when his punch is spiked at a party.


Episode 19 - Busted

Eddie dents the family car and tries to get the money to secretly repair it by going gambling with Steve. The boys are arrested and bailed out by a Carl, who is feeling sheepish because he accidentally threw away a relative's ashes.


Episode 20 - Fight the Good Fight

Laura starts a campaign to have a black history course taught at her school.


Episode 21 - Taking Credit

Steve and Carl both learn a lesson about when to take credit for their achievement.


Episode 22 - Finding the Words

Harriette's and Rachel's father--whom they had believed was killed in the Korean War--comes to the Winslow home and wants to make amends for abandoning his daughters.


Episode 23 - Skip to My Lieu

Steve Urkel gives Laura Winslow a bracelet, and Lieutenant Murtagh goes on a date with Rachel. Both are bluntly spurned, leaving Urkel consoling Lieutenant Murtagh.


Episode 24 - The Good, the Bad and the Urkel

Carl dreams that he is facing "Two-Gun Urkel," the most annoying gunslinger in the West.


Episode 25 - I Should Have Done Something

Carl Winslow experiences guilt over a hostage who was shot a year ago while he was on duty as a police officer. Steve Urkel bribes Laura Winslow to go out on a date with him.


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