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Family Matters Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Hell Toupee

Carl buys a toupee after enduring one too many jokes from Harriette. Steve tries to end the interminable bickering between Laura and his new girlfriend, Myra.


Episode 2 - It Didn't Happen One Night

Steve offers to drive Laura to a cheer leading championship after she misses the bus, but Steve's car breaks down and Laura and Steve must share a motel room for the night. After Harriette says she wishes Carl would be more romantic, he uses his police bullhorn to declare his undying love to her ... and the entire neighborhood.


Episode 3 - Saved By the Urkel

After Steve saves Carl's life, Carl and and his family feel obligated to be nice to him.


Episode 4 - A Matter of Principle

When Harriette's boss asks her to discharge part of her staff, Carl encourages her to refuse, but Harriette's boss discharges her instead. Myra transfers to Steve's school to be closer to him ... but becomes frustrated because he is not physically passionate.


Episode 5 - Money out the Window

Eddie bets on football games, then steals a stamp from his father's collection to pay his bookie. Laura works two jobs to buy a car.


Episode 6 - Best Friends

Eddie hires his good friend Waldo to work at Mighty Weenie and then considers discharging Waldo because he's horrible at the job. Laura is embarrassed by her mother.


Episode 7 - Grandmama

Eddie agrees to be Steve's partner in a basketball tournament but then finds a better partner. Steve partners with an old lady, Grandmama.


Episode 8 - Dr. Urkel And Mr. Cool

When Laura tells Steve to be less annoying, he creates a potion that transforms him into a suave, charming man. But his new attitude soon causes more problems than it solves.


Episode 9 - Car Wars

Laura encounters sexism while shopping for a used car, but she uses the salesman's sexist attitudes against him to negotiate a good price for a car.


Episode 10 - All the Wrong Moves

To teach Carl a lesson, Harriette makes him pay her for her housework. Steve and Laura both have overly aggressive dates at the same drive-in movie.


Episode 11 - Christmas Is Where the Heart Is

Carl learns the true meaning of Christmas aboard a train stranded in a snowstorm as Steve attempts to cheer the miserable passengers.


Episode 12 - Scenes from a Mall

The shopping mall is the meeting place for a battle between the sexes as the Winslow children and their friends converge.


Episode 13 - Rock Enroll

After performing with his friend, the famous singer Shanice, at a benefit concert, Eddie announces his plans to pursue a singing career rather than go to college.


Episode 14 - Like a Virgin

Eddie is humiliated when his friends learn that he is still a virgin.


Episode 15 - Good Cop, Bad Cop

Eddie is harassed by police officers while driving through a white neighborhood.


Episode 16 - Presumed Urkel

Laura defends classmate Steve in a student trial when he is accused of blowing up the science laboratory.


Episode 17 - Father of the Bride

Carl (Reginald VelJohnson) dreams that his daughter, Laura (Kellie Shanygne Williams), marries Steve (Jaleel White).


Episode 18 - Psycho Twins

When Carl, Steve and the boys visit a professional wrestler, Steve's new potion puts the wrestler and his partner to sleep--and Carl and Steve agree to take the sleeping wrestlers' places in the ring against The Bushwackers.


Episode 19 - That's What Friends Are For

When Waldo is worried that college will end his friendship with Eddie and Carl is afraid to take the test to become a lieutenant, Eddie and Mother Winslow help them gain self-confidence.


Episode 20 - Opposites Attract

Laura clashes with an overeager reporter at the school newspaper--but then realizes her attraction to him. Steve suffers from a severe attack of the hiccups after he is robbed in his own home.


Episode 21 - A-Camping We Will Go

Carl, Eddie and Waldo's camping trip is disrupted when Steve arrives. Steve becomes even more annoying when he warns them about dangers at their campsite--all of which prove to be true.


Episode 22 - Aunt Oona

Steve's dowdy Aunt Oona (DONNA SUMMER) visits and, with Harriette's help, becomes confident enough to win a singing competition.


Episode 23 - Nunsense

Steve, Eddie and Waldo dress up as nuns and search for Myra in the convent to which she went after Steve ended their relationship.


Episode 24 - Stefan Returns

Laura encourages nerdy Steve to create a new, improved potion to transform himself into his suave alter ego again--this time without the obnoxious side effects.


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