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Family Matters Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - To Be or Not to Be, Pt. 1

Steve transforms back into Stefan to please Laura. When Carl has problems with his eyesight, Eddie convinces him to use Steve's transformation machine but something goes wrong.


Episode 2 - To Be or Not to Be, Pt. 2

Carl upsets his family when he must remain a nerd while the suave Stefan, formerly Steve Urkel, struggles to fix his transformation chamber.


Episode 3 - Till Death Do Us Apartment

Eddie goes to college and moves into an apartment with Waldo but, despite his new found freedom, has trouble with the opposite sex.


Episode 4 - The Looney Bin

Steve and Carl get locked in the school bomb shelter with the school custodian, Mr. Looney. Harriette becomes discouraged in her search for a job.


Episode 5 - Beta Chi Guy

Eddie wants to join a college fraternity but his prospective fraternity brothers ask him to give up his friendship with the socially inept Steve.


Episode 6 - Dark and Stormy Night

In a ghost story that the Winslow family invents during a power outage on Halloween, Carl and Harriette play vampires living in a castle.


Episode 7 - Par for the Course

When he learns that his new boss (Sherman Hemsley) loves to play golf, Carl pretends to be interested in it as well. But the Captain cheats, and Steve insists that Carl confront him and demand that he play fairly.


Episode 8 - Sink or Swim

Carl must teach Steve to swim, or Steve won't be able to graduate from high school. Rachel gets into a fight with Harriette when she tries to return a dress to the store where Harriette works in customer service.


Episode 9 - Paradise Bluff

Steve and Myra are almost killed on lovers' lane, but Steve asks Myra to wear his science club pin. Carl is convinced that Harriette thinks he's an inadequate lover.


Episode 10 - Flying Blind

When the pilot, a vindictive ex-convict, parachutes out of their plane, Carl and Steve are forced to fly an airplane together—and neither one knows how. Eddie experiences financial difficulties.


Episode 11 - Miracle on Elm Street

In this Christmas episode, Richie invites a homeless man who claims to be Santa Claus to dinner. Steve searches through tons of garbage to find a special present for Laura.


Episode 12 - Midterm Crisis

Eddie and Steve try to bake a cake for Waldo's class project after eating the one Waldo made. Carl realizes that his boss (Sherman Hemsley) is dating a stripper - and it's Carl's responsibility to tell him.


Episode 13 - An Unlikely Match

When the school bully is diagnosed with leukemia, Steve organizes a bone marrow drive.


Episode 14 - The Substitute Son

Eddie neglects Carl, so Waldo tries to be a "son" to Carl. Steve transforms himself into a martial arts expert to defend Laura's honor.


Episode 15 - The Gun

After she is robbed, Laura considers getting a gun, but the Winslows organize a gun turn-in program instead.


Episode 16 - Wedding Bell Blues

Steve's friend Mr. Looney (Tom Poston) is jilted on his wedding day when his fiancée leaves him for the church organist. Steve and Carl have to climb up the steeple of the church to save Mr. Looney from jumping.


Episode 17 - Ain't Nothin' but an Urkel

Steve accidentally transforms himself into Elvis Presley. While they are counseling a young couple about marriage, Carl and Harriette get into an argument.


Episode 18 - My Uncle, The Hero

Carl hosts Richie's class trip to the precinct. Myra sees Steve and Laura together and becomes jealous, not knowing they are planning a surprise party for her.


Episode 19 - My Bodyguard

Carl loses his self-confidence after he is tricked by a robber, while Steve stops the thief. But then Carl is assigned to protect Steve from the robber's brother.


Episode 20 - Cheers Looking At You, Kid

Laura enjoys her independence when her parents allow her to fly to a cheer leading competition alone - but she must also decide what to do when a guy she likes visits her in her hotel room.


Episode 21 - What's Up, Doc?

The Winslow family visits a psychiatrist for advice on how to live with Steve.


Episode 22 - We're Going To Disney World, Pt. 1

On a trip to Disney World, Steve transforms himself into his suave alter ego and proposes marriage to Laura, and Carl decides to quit his job and move the family to Florida.


Episode 23 - We're Going To Disney World, Pt. 2

On a trip to Disney World, Laura must decide whether to marry Steve's suave alter ego, Stefan, and Carl yearns for his job in Chicago.


Episode 24 - They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?

A dance marathon pits Steve against Carl. Musical group All-4-One performs.


Episode 25 - Home Sweet Home

Steve's parents move to Russia and Steve moves in with Eddie and Waldo. But when he causes their ceiling to collapse, Steve becomes Carl's house guest instead.


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