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Family Matters Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Paris Vacation, Pt. 1

Steve invents a device that transports himself, his clone and the Winslows to Paris, where romance blossoms for Laura, and Steve is held captive by a beautiful scientist.


Episode 2 - Paris Vacation, Pt. 2

Steve invents a device that transports himself, his clone and the Winslows to Paris, where romance blossoms for Laura, and Steve is held captive by a beautiful scientist.


Episode 3 - Paris Vacation, Pt. 3

In Paris, Steve must escape from kidnappers who want his latest invention. He and Carl lead his pursuers on a wild chase that ends with Steve hanging from the Eiffel Tower.


Episode 4 - Movin' On

On his first day of college, Steve finds something he's never experienced before: popularity!


Episode 5 - 3J in the House

The Winslows realize their true feelings for 3J when he runs away from his group home.


Episode 6 - Getting Buff

Steve finds himself in an uncomfortable position when Eddie's longtime girlfriend models nude for Steve's sculpting class. Harriette tries to convince Carl not to be petty with their nasty neighbor Nick Neidermeyer--but revenge proves too tempting.


Episode 7 - Stevil

Steve's ventriloquist dummy comes to life on Halloween, wreaking havoc in the Winslow household.


Episode 8 - Karate Kids

Steve takes a job as a playground supervisor and is threatened by some tough bullies, but Steve transforms himself, 3J and Harriette's young nephew Richie into martial arts experts. Carl's obnoxious neighbor Nick Neidermeyer fakes an injury and threatens to sue Carl--until Eddie helps prove that Nick is lying.


Episode 9 - Home Again

To mend his long-distance relationship with Laura, Stefan visits from Paris and performs in a concert with the popular singing group New Edition. Because Carl and Harriette must stay at home to take care of 3J and Richie, the youngsters arrange for New Edition to serenade Carl and Harriette.


Episode 10 - Nightmare at Urkel Oaks

Eddie dreams that he is married to Steve's Southern-belle cousin. Jaleel White and Reginald VelJohnson play dual roles.


Episode 11 - Chick-a-Boom

Carl hosts a dinner party for his superiors. Since he cannot afford to pay a caterer, Carl hires Myra to cook. Unfortunately, Myra mistakes Steve's powdered explosive for pepper, and the guests must flee from exploding chicken dinners.


Episode 12 - The Jury

Steve must prove a defendant innocent when he and Carl serve on a jury together.


Episode 13 - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

While searching for the perfect Christmas tree, Carl and Steve get stranded in a remote forest.


Episode 14 - Revenge of the Nerd

Laura is excited about joining a sorority until she learns Steve has been named the star of its annual geek party.


Episode 15 - Love Triangles

When Laura encourages her good friend Maxine to date more, Maxine dates Curtis. Despite the fact that she is now dating Stefan, Laura is jealous.


Episode 16 - Father Time

When Steve transports Carl back in time, Carl learns a valuable lesson about priorities.


Episode 17 - Beauty and the Beast

Harriette serves as the chairperson for a beauty pageant and convinces Laura, Maxine, Myra and Greta to participate. Steve's aggressive Southern cousin, Myrtle, also travels to town to enter the competition.


Episode 18 - Le Jour D'Amour

Steve narrates three tales of love, including Carl's attempts to "recycle" Harriette's Valentine's Day card.


Episode 19 - What Do You Know?

Eddie is chosen as a contestant on a television game show and given the chance to win a car, but he realizes that he is not smart enough to answer the difficult questions. Desperate, Eddie uses the transformation machine, becoming a Steve clone to gain Steve's intelligence. When Steve finds out, he competes against Eddie on the show.


Episode 20 - Odd Man In

Carl needs one more person for his poker-playing group. Harriette joins--and beats everyone. Meanwhile, in order to be a judge at a bikini contest, Eddie convinces Steve to temporarily replace him in his job as a peanut vendor at a football stadium. However, Steve causes so many mishaps that he is terminated--along with Eddie.


Episode 21 - Flirting with Disaste

Because of Steve's frequent calamities, insurance adjuster Mr. Tolbert threatens to raise Carl's homeowner's insurance. Steve offers to move in next to Mr. Tolbert to solve the problem. However, Mr. Tolbert decides not to raise Carl's rates if Steve will stay where he is.


Episode 22 - Pound Foolish

Steve's Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) is very fat, but when she sings in the church choir, the Reverend asks her on a date. Oona convinces Steve to put her in his compression chamber to make her thin; however, the machine malfunctions and makes her even fatter.


Episode 23 - The Brother Who Came to Dinner

Carl's fugitive brother visits unexpectedly, and Carl's boss wants Carl to arrest his brother.


Episode 24 - A Pirate's Life for Me

Steve uses his time-travel machine to transport himself and Carl back to a pirate ship in the year 1704. The pirates declare Carl their new captain, angering the former captain. Laura, Myra and Maxine follow Carl and Steve back in time to take them home.


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