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Family Matters Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Little Big Guy

Steve tries to show Carl a new moneymaking use of his transformation machine but it malfunctions and shrinks them both to a few inches in height, stranding them on the kitchen counter.


Episode 2 - The Naked and the Nerdy

Steve and Laura accidentally see each other naked--a traumatic experience for both. Carl's neighbor asks Carl to hold onto an expensive diamond bracelet. But Harriette finds it and thinks Carl bought it for her.


Episode 3 - Bugged

Steve guiltily fantasizes about a gorgeous bug collector. Carl plays poker with Harriette's obnoxious boss.


Episode 4 - Teacher's Pet

Steve substitute teaches his English class, but when things get out of control, Stefan saves the day.


Episode 5 - Walking My Baby Back Home

When Eddie is forbidden to see his new girlfriend, he gets Steve to help arrange secret meetings for them. Mother Winslow is audited by the IRS.


Episode 6 - She's Back

While Steve is visiting relatives in Russia, his cousin Myrtle visits the Winslows.


Episode 7 - Hot Rods to Heck

To distract Laura from a flirtatious senior, Steve challenges him to a car race.


Episode 8 - Talk's Cheap

Waldo convinces Steve, Myra and Laura to appear on a talk show to discuss unfulfilling romances. But everyone is surprised when Myrtle comes on and talks about her unrequited love for Eddie. Meanwhile, Harriette tries to inspire passion in a reluctant Carl.


Episode 9 - Struck by Lightning

Steve refuses to go outside after being struck by lightening three times. Laura and Myra compete for the same sales job at a department store.


Episode 10 - Best Years of Our Lives

Steve is put in charge of building the school's homecoming parade float. With some difficulty, he gets volunteers to build a beautiful float. Unfortunately, while transporting it to the school, Steve crashes the float and destroys it. Mother Winslow sustains a series of minor injuries in her strenuous hobbies, including karate and square dancing.


Episode 11 - Fa La La La Laagghh!

Carl agrees to let Steve decorate the Winslow household for the Christmas season, and Harriette feels sad because Laura and Eddie seem to be too busy to participate in family Christmas activities.


Episode 12 - Friendship Cycles

Steve really wants to go on a class bicycle trip with Myra, but he doesn't know how to ride a bicycle. When Carl refuses to teach Steve how to ride a bicycle, Steve tries to teach himself. Meanwhile, Laura and her best friend, Maxine, quarrel over whether Max should go to college or cosmetology school, and Carl becomes enamored of his new car.


Episode 13 - South of the Border

Carl, Eddie and Steve try to rescue Waldo when he gets arrested on a tiny island nation, and Laura is reluctant to date a boy whom Harriette recommends--until she discovers he is a boy she has wanted to date.


Episode 14 - Life in the Fast Lane

Steve becomes extremely nervous and destroys Carl's garage after mistaking Laura's diet pills for vitamins and ingesting them.


Episode 15 - Random Acts of Science

Steve and Carl are defenseless when they get robbed--until they step into Steve's transformation machine and become karate experts. Laura gets a nose ring.


Episode 16 - Tips for a Better Life

Carl gets upset when Eddie starts drinking excessively. Steve transforms into Stefan and plays at a jazz club.


Episode 17 - Swine Lake

Eddie reluctantly enrolls in ballet lessons to improve his basketball skills. When he and his girlfriend, Greta, perform a ballet with the class, Myrtle Urkel arrives and takes Greta's place. Harriette becomes depressed when Laura's boyfriend thinks that she is Laura's grandmother. She begins dressing like Tina Turner but finally becomes comfortable with her age.


Episode 18 - My Big Brother

Steve becomes a mentor for a tough but charming inner-city 9-year-old, 3J, and discovers that, although smart, 3J is illiterate. At first, 3J rejects Steve's help. But Steve excites him about the worlds one can find in books, and 3J decides to learn to read.


Episode 19 - Eau de Love

When Steve casts a spell on Laura with a magical love potion, his lifelong quest for her may finally have a happy ending. Harriette and Carl's plans for a romantic second honeymoon are thwarted.


Episode 20 - Twinkle Toes Faldo

Waldo enrolls in tap-dancing class to improve his agility. Carl must tell Laura some bad news about her college aspirations.


Episode 21 - Scammed

Eddie and Waldo go to a bar where they think famous basketball players congregate, but they are astounded by the expensive bill. Myra makes an organic facial treatment for Laura--with Steve's superglue.


Episode 22 - Dream Date

When Laura and Steve both end up without dates for the senior prom, they decide to go with each other. Steve tries very hard to make it a special night for Laura, and the evening ends with a romantic kiss. The Winslows' unpleasant neighbor wants them to tear down Carl's fence so he can build a barbecue. When Harriette and Carl object, it results in a nasty confrontation.


Episode 23 - A Ham Is Born

Carl lands the lead role in a movie while moonlighting as a security guard. Steve helps Richie create an artificial tornado for a science project.


Episode 24 - Send in the Clone

Steve invents a cloning machine and replicates himself. The clone causes havoc around the Winslow house until Steve explains what's going on.


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