My 600-lb Life Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Zsalynn's Story

Zsaylnn is determined to pursue gastric bypass surgery and be a better mother. As the founder of the National Association to Advanced Fat Acceptance, Zsaylnn had previously accepted her heavier size. Her outlook has shifted now that her weight has reached nearly 600 pounds, but her husband does not support her efforts.


Episode 2 - Olivia's Story

Battling severe depression in the wake of a suicide attempt, 46-year-old Olivia hasn't left her Chicago basement in two years. In an attempt to turn her life around, she travels to Houston for weight-loss surgery.


Episode 3 - Penny's Story

Bedridden for four years, 46-year-old Penny knows that her weight may kill her if she does not take drastic action. Penny moves from Maryland to Texas to have gastric bypass, but her unwillingness to make real lifestyle changes could be her downfall.


Episode 4 - Chuck's Story

Chuck weighs almost 700 pounds, and it has hindered every aspect of his life. He’s had to downsize his business and his wife feels like a single parent to their young son. Chuck risks losing his business and marriage altogether if he cannot get control of his weight and chooses to undergo weight-loss surgery as a last resort.


Episode 5 - Christina's Story

Christina, a 22-year-old married woman from Southaven, Mississippi, hasn’t left her house in two years due to her size. Her doting family has enabled her overeating, and her obesity threatens to overtake her life if she does not make a change.


Episode 6 - Paula's Story

Paula, over 500 pounds, has had a tough life and built a physical wall around herself to push people away. Having lost her husband to obesity-related health issues, Paula can no longer ignore the threat of losing her own life -- especially for her children’s sake.


Episode 7 - James' Story

James has lost his father and sister to obesity-related health issues and is determined not to suffer a similar fate. At over 700 pounds, he pursues a gastric bypass in an effort to reclaim his life and health -- and maybe even date again.


Episode 8 - Tara's Story

Tara, a mother of two, is bedridden at 600 pounds. Her mother cares for her children as she struggles to recover from a difficult past and the death of her father at a young age. Confronted with the knowledge that she has five years left to live, Tara commits to gastric bypass surgery in hopes of improving her health in order to care for her family.


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