My 600-lb Life

My 600-lb Life Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Brandi and Kandi's Story

Inseparable twins Brandi and Kandi move from Vancouver, Washington, to Houston, Texas, to undergo weight- loss surgery together. A complication during their recovery may threaten their survival.


Episode 2 - Ashley R's Story

At almost 700 pounds, Ashley R. is entirely dependent on her husband and parents. Desperate to save her life and marriage, she decides its time for a drastic change and undergoes bariatric surgery.


Episode 3 - Cynthia's Story

Cynthia, a 610-pound single mother of five, has been focused on her children at the expense of her own health. Realizing what her death could mean for them, she fights to save her own life with weight-loss surgery.


Episode 4 - Kirsten's Story

At over 600 pounds, Kirsten is close to losing all mobility and may lose custody of her troubled son. She must undergo weight-loss surgery to reclaim her health and her ability to care for her self and her son.


Episode 5 - Doug's Story

Doug has overcome a dependence on drugs and alcohol, but food remains his last vice. At almost 700 pounds, he knows he must make a change. In an effort to save his marriage and be a better father, he undergoes weight-loss surgery.


Episode 6 - Erica's Story

At almost 700 pounds, Erica is desperate to move to Houston and undergo gastric bypass surgery. Her family hesitates to support her efforts given her history of failed attempts at weight loss.


Episode 7 - Diana's Story

Diana is confined to her small apartment in Seattle, Washington due to her 620-pound weight. Desperate to regain her health and independence, she moves to Houston, Texas, with her niece to undergo weight-loss surgery.


Episode 8 - Michael's Story

At over 600 pounds, Michael is unable to walk and depends on his family to accomplish the most basic tasks. In an attempt to reclaim his health and life, he undergoes weight loss surgery and addresses his anger issues.


Episode 9 - Nicole's Story

At over 700 pounds, Nicole risks leaving her two young children without a mother. Determined to regain her health, she begins a new diet, undergoes weight-loss surgery and faces deep-seated issues from her parents' drug addiction.


Episode 10 - Tanisha's Story

At over 600 pounds and just 32 years old, Tanisha fears her mother's fate -- a premature death due to obesity.


Episode 11 - James K's Story

At almost 800 pounds, James can barely move his legs and may only have months to live. His family takes a high-risk journey to Houston so James can undergo weight-loss surgery in hopes of saving his life.


Episode 12 - Tracey's Story

At over 600 pounds, most of Tracey's weight is in her shockingly misshapen legs. The severe lymphedema threatens her life and weight-loss surgery is her last shot at survival.


Episode 13 - Steven and Justin's Story Part 1

Steven, at almost 800 pounds, and his brother Justin, at 600 pounds, are prime candidates for weight-loss surgery but are difficult patients. Their father urges them to receive treatment from Dr. Now in a bid to save their lives.


Episode 14 - Steven and Justin's Story Part 2

Steven struggles to qualify for weight-loss surgery, while his brother Justin focuses on a new career instead of his diet. With neither brother close to being approved for life-saving surgery, time is quickly running out.


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