My 600-lb Life Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Amber's Story

At just 23 years old, Amber is over 600 pounds and relies on her family and boyfriend for even her most basic needs. Her fear of dying young is so overwhelming, she makes the decision to relocate 2,000 miles away in hopes that weight-loss surgery will help her to reclaim her health.


Episode 2 - Susan's Story

Susan, over 600 pounds, is committed to drastic weight loss and undergoes gastric bypass surgery. An unforeseen medical disorder affects her mobility, complicating her recovery and testing her strength to overcome her obesity.


Episode 3 - Pauline's Story

Pauline, at almost 700 pounds, depends on her son as her full-time caretaker. In an attempt to reclaim her independence and free her son from care giving duties, she moves to Houston for gastric bypass surgery.


Episode 4 - Bettie Jo's Story

At just 24 years old, Bettie Jo is nearing 700 pounds. Reliant on her husband for even the most basic needs, she is determined to reclaim her life and health. Her husband and primary caretaker, however, fears that any weight loss may lead to Bettie Jo leaving the marriage.


Episode 5 - Angel's Story

At over 500 pounds, Angel wants to lose weight and be an active part of her partner and son's life. She struggles to change her diet, resolve issues from a difficult past and recover from weight-loss surgery complications.


Episode 6 - Joe's Story

At 30 years old, Joe is trapped in an 800-pound body. Having lost his job, he's housebound and struggling with depression and loneliness. He struggles through setbacks to become a candidate for weight-loss surgery and begin to reclaim his life.


Episode 7 - Laura's Story

Laura is confined to a wheelchair and relies on family and an oxygen tank to survive. Nearing 600 pounds, she is determined to lose weight to relieve her family of care giving duties and undergoes gastric bypass surgery.


Episode 8 - Charity's Story

At almost 800 pounds, Charity is unable to function. Suffering from flesh-eating bacterium and oversize fat deposits, she undergoes weight-loss surgery to regain her health and begin to heal her body. Her fiance and daughter support her as she struggles through the recovery.


Episode 9 - Chay's Story

Chay has reached 600 pounds at just 23 years old and must make a change to save his own life. He undergoes weight-loss surgery and grapples with deep-seated issues. He finally copes with his difficult childhood only to be forced to find new strength after a critical loss of emotional support.


Episode 10 - Marla's Story

Marla, a single mother of three, cannot even stand up due to her estimated 800-pound weight. With the support of her family, she decides to undergo bariatric surgery but faces a series of complications to reclaim her health.


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