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My 600-lb Life Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rena and Lee's Story

After meeting and falling in love at a bariatric rehab center, Lee and Rena are battling health and anger issues while making a desperate second attempt to save their relationship and their lives.


Episode 2 - Janine's Story

Janine's extreme obesity has left her nearly immobile, and even the first steps on her weight loss journey may prove to be too much for her. She must overcome both her physical and emotional pain if she's ever going to live a normal life again.


Episode 3 - Alicia's Story

A devoted girlfriend and loving aunt, Alicia is all smiles and laughter on the outside, but on the inside she is terrified that her addiction to food will kill her before she can marry her longtime love or watch her nieces grow up.


Episode 4 - Liz's Story

Liz suffers severe lymphedema that makes it impossible to walk. Utterly isolated and with no friends, she battles depression and lives with her mom, who is too ill to take care of her. Knowing her life is on the line, Liz undergoes weight loss surgery.


Episode 5 - Karina's Story

At over 600 pounds, Karina is unable to care for herself and has moved into her parents' house. Strained from the burden of her care and extent of her issues, the family is hesitant to support her through weight-loss surgery.


Episode 7 - Lisa's Story

Lisa's struggle with her weight began as a child and significantly worsened after witnessing her brother's murder. Now bedridden and unable to care for herself, Lisa must find a way to lose the weight or she will never see her grandchildren grow up.


Episode 8 - Robert's Story

With the support of his fiance, Kathryn, Robert turns to Dr. Nowzaradan in a final, desperate attempt to save his life. He tries to reverse a lifelong food addiction that has left him bed-bound, saddled with grotesque lymphedema and nearly 900 pounds.


Episode 9 - Tamy Lyn's Story

After years of a tumultuous relationship with her husband, Tamy's eating addiction has caused her weight to balloon over 500 lbs. She has become a hermit after years of shame and hopes to restart her life so she can better care for her son Zachary.


Episode 10 - Benji and David's Story

Raised on fast food, brothers David and Benji have had weight issues since childhood and now face gastric bypass surgery together. At over 700 pounds, David is at greater risk than Benji, who still works at over 500 pounds.


Episode 11 - Renee's Story

A former plus-size model and "big is beautiful" advocate, Renee now realizes the mortal mistakes she made as her weight swells to over 600 pounds and her health deteriorates. Determined to change, she undergoes bariatric surgery.


Episode 12 - Sarah's Story

Over 600 pounds, Sarah is fighting for her life at just 24 years old. Sarah began overeating during her chaotic childhood, but her weight spiraled when her mother became a heroin addict. Now, she can barely stand and knows she must make a major change.


Episode 13 - Schenee's Story

Devastated by two miscarriages due to her weight, Schenee is desperate to start a family and stop relying on her husband to take care of her. Desperate to regain her independence, save her marriage and start a family, Schenee makes a change.


Episode 14 - Jennifer and Marissa's Story

Jennifer and her daughter Marissa are stuck in a codependent relationship that has put both of their lives in jeopardy, with a combined weight of over 900 pounds. Jennifer hopes to regain control and save both of their lives before it's too late.


Episode 15 - One Ton Family: Part 1

The three Perrio siblings' combined weight approaches one ton. Knowing they will not have a future unless they make a change, they attempt weight-loss surgery together.


Episode 16 - One Ton Family: Part 2

The Perrio siblings struggle with different stages of their weight-loss journey as the revelation of a past tragedy explains their resistance to recovery. The siblings must now work together towards a healthy future.


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