American Monster Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Home Video Hit

A typical American family isn’t exactly what it seems. In public, Max and Janeene Jones appear to have the perfect marriage, but behind this happy image lies hidden truths.


Episode 2 - Appalachian Horror Film

Brian and Randi Trimble are in the throes of newly married life. But when Brian meets the fun-loving Blaine Norris at work, their friendship over Blaine’s low-budget horror film takes a dark turn.


Episode 3 - Wave to Daddy

The daughter of one of America's most notorious killers gives an exclusive interview, taking us on a journey into the eyes of a cold-blooded monster. Never-before-seen footage reveals the devastating double life of a murderer.


Episode 4 - Sing for the Camera

In the summer of 2013, a peaceful community in Hartford, Wisconsin, is shaken to its core when a local teenager is found dead -- the victim of a brutal murder, and the second victim in two days.


Episode 5 - Shooting Phoenix

A monster stalks the summer streets of Phoenix in 2005. With never-before-seen footage, we get a glimpse into the killer's life and how he’s able to hide in plain sight.


Episode 6 - Right Before Your Eyes

When a good-looking, successful businessman meets an aspiring actress she appears to be the perfect match. But the honeymoon doesn’t last long. The relationship takes a turn -- a deadly turn.


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