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American Monster Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Stages Of Grief

In suburban California, an intruder brutally attacks and kills a woman.


Episode 2 - Remote Control

A woman vanishes, leading her husband to launch a massive search.


Episode 3 - Backyard Daddy

A couple's troubled relationship ends in murder in Ogden, Utah.


Episode 4 - A Mother's Work

Dark family secrets are revealed when a man is gunned down in his mansion.


Episode 5 - Band Of Brothers

A Mormon family is destroyed by a gruesome double murder in Provo, Utah.


Episode 6 - Watch Your Back

A young military family is forever changed by an insidious murder plot.


Episode 7 - The Last Valentine

A vicious Valentine's Day murder shocks those who know Dr John Hamilton.


Episode 8 - Into The Swamp

A member of a family-run construction business goes missing in Georgia.


Episode 9 - Don't Forget Me

A father disappears without warning and his wife and friends are stumped.


Episode 10 - Off-Camera

A video blogger's husband is kidnapped and murdered in Texas.


Episode 11 - Take Me To The River

A preacher's wife is brutally stabbed and beaten to death in Sheffield, Alabama.


Episode 12 - Just Out Of Frame

A happy family is rocked when their mother is found bludgeoned to death.


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