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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Stages of Grief

In suburban California, an intruder brutally attacks and kills Joan Dawley. As the Dawley family grieves, it's up to LAPD detectives to crack the case.


Episode 2 - Remote Control

When Sherri Dally mysteriously vanishes from her Ventura home, her husband Michael and best friend Debbie head up a massive search. But someone knows more than they're saying.


Episode 3 - Backyard Daddy

In Ogden, Utah, Stephen and Becky Vargas appear to have it all. Behind the picture perfect life seen in home videos, jealousy and control issues are abound. However, no one thought their marriage would end in murder.


Episode 4 - A Mother's Work

Never-before-seen home movies reveal the fabulous lifestyle of a family in their Florida mansion. But when their lives are upended by a ghastly shooting, everyone in this eccentric family becomes a suspect.


Episode 5 - Band of Brothers

A Mormon family with eight children is destroyed by a gruesome double murder in Provo, Utah.


Episode 6 - Watch Your Back

A young military family is forever changed by an insidious murder plot sparked by greed and betrayal.


Episode 7 - The Last Valentine

In Oklahoma, successful Dr. John Hamilton and his wife Susan are the envy of all -- until a vicious Valentine's Day murder destroys their lives. Never-before-seen home videos shed light on a brutal murder that no one saw coming.


Episode 8 - Into the Swamp

A member of a family-run construction business goes missing in Waycross, Georgia, sparking a two-decade search for the truth.


Episode 9 - Don't Forget Me

On the day before he is to start a new job, a father of two children disappears without warning.


Episode 10 - Off-Camera

A video blogger's husband is kidnapped and murdered in Texas leading investigators to wonder if she is hiding a dark secret.


Episode 11 - Take Me to the River

Coming home from church, a local preacher finds his wife brutally stabbed and beaten, the apparent victim of a home invasion. His alibi is sound, as are their two grown sons'. However, several details just don't add up.


Episode 12 - Just Out of Frame

A fun-loving couple, both business-owners, share a close relationship with their grown daughters. When the mother is found gruesomely bludgeoned to death in her own home, no one suspects the unthinkable.


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