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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Rescue Me

In Genoa, Ohio, John Eichner, his wife and kids look like a happy bunch, but behind closed doors a disturbing pattern of torment and gaslighting plays out for years. Someone keeps calling 911, but well-crafted lies drown out a victim’s pleas for help.


Episode 2 - I Had No Choice

Behind the smiles, ugliness festers inside the Hudnall family. For years, Bill, Stephanie, and their three kids hide their torment while struggling to keep up appearances. But in 2011, the façade shatters for good when someone starts swinging a pickaxe.


Episode 3 - It’s Over. Move On.

The future looks bright for 22-year-old Rowena Irani, a Pakistani immigrant who’s transformed into an all-American college student. Popular and outgoing, Rowena aspires to be a teen psychologist until a pathological love connection shatters everything.


Episode 4 - Brothers and Sisters

Cindy Monkman turns heads wherever she goes, but by age 30, she’s looking for something serious. Michael Apelt, a handsome German businessman, seems to be the answer to her prayers -- until their first Christmas together turns into a horror story.


Episode 5 - Only She Knows

When 20-year-old Chloe Randolph gives birth to a baby boy, her family is over the moon, but what should be a blissful time for this loving mom is about to turn into a waking nightmare. Someone has betrayed her trust, and there’s going to be hell to pay.


Episode 6 - The Only Way Out

Air Force veteran Roger Harris and his wife Donna, a nurse, have built their dream home in Florida, but just after the birth of their second son, a vile secret threatens their sweet, simple life. Someone’s hatching a plot that no one ever saw coming.


Episode 7 - Building Is Full of Snakes!

Ben Renick is building an empire as a world-renowned breeder of exotic snakes. He’s not even 30 and he seems to have it all -- fame, fortune and a beautiful young family to share it with. Little does he know, someone he loves is hatching a venomous plot.


Episode 8 - Two Anniversaries

To grandparents Ron and Kay Wilkson, family comes first, and though they may not have much money, their growing brood always knows how to make their own fun. But in 2016, something evil is prowling close to home, and not everyone will make it out alive.


Episode 9 - You Got Me Mean

Tammy Gardner loves being a mom and running a daycare out of her suburban Delaware home. She also loves a night out on the town, but what starts as innocent fun will lead this 40-year-old down a very dark path paved with jealousy and deadly rage.


Episode 10 - Gone Hunting

Police officer Albert Pacheco and his wife Cathy live a sweet life on Hawaii’s Big Island, raising four kids in the bosom of their close-knit church community. But what looks like a household steeped in traditional goodness is hiding something evil.


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