American Monster Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Green Monster

In rural Ohio, an intruder brutally guns down Jack and Linda Myers in their sleep. The only witness is their sleepy 4-year-old grandson.


Episode 2 - Family Snapshot

The Yates family moves to Spokane, Washington, only to find it besieged by a serial killer who's targeting young women and confounding the police.


Episode 3 - Alabama Murder Mystery

When Frank Hilley is struck down by a mysterious sickness, the entire town of Anniston, Alabama, grieves. But when his daughter also falls seriously ill, the family becomes suspicious.


Episode 4 - Anything for You

The Snyders are thrilled when their 34-year-old son Mike finally starts a family with his sweetheart. But after being diagnosed with a terrible illness, Mike vanishes. Only years later does his horrific fate comes to light.


Episode 5 - The Last Broadcast

After a taping of their local-access TV show in rural Vermont, Chrissy and Charlie Billis have a terrible accident. They smash their car into a tree but only one of them survives.


Episode 6 - Push Record

In Colorado, second-time spouses Harold and Toni Henthorn seem to dote on their young daughter and each other, until their idyllic life is shattered by a deadly hiking accident.


Episode 7 - Stand by your Men

After moving to a remote town in Colorado, Ron and Cynthia Phillips and their four children try to adjust. But their never-aired home videos mask darker impulses within their family.


Episode 8 - Live by the Sword

Sword collector Neal Williams is the house-husband while his wife Manling keeps the family afloat. Until Manling returns home to find her family slaughtered -- at sword point.


Episode 9 - The Craigslist Killer

Police discover that someone's been using Craigslist to lure men to a remote wilderness and gun them down.


Episode 10 - The Wrong Man

A woman in a nearby town is gunned down -- and a married man who lives nearby is accused of murder -- his fate hangs on that same home video camera.


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