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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Falling Down

A seemingly perfect couple's desire for children leads them to adopt a son and a daughter to complete their family. But instead it triggers a dark spiral ending in an unspeakably awful crime.


Episode 2 - Two Families

The Holton family lives a perfect life, until a shocking murder exposes a dark secret. In a two-hour special, American Monster confronts a terrible choice. If both suspects are your own blood, how do you decide who's a killer?


Episode 3 - Twice Shy

Carol-Ann and James Sharp seem like a match made in heaven, but behind the veneer of happiness hides a monster in plain sight.


Episode 5 - Looks Can Kill

Rebecca Thudin has found her prince charming in dashing architect Larry Fenton. But a shocking, unexplained and cold-blooded killing tears their paradise apart -- and leaves police fearing the culprit might get away with murder.


Episode 6 - In Sickness and in Health

A troubled marriage sparks tension which results in an unspeakably evil act that will destroy an entire family.


Episode 7 - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Dr. Jim Kohnle and his wife Teresa appear to have it all -- a successful business, happy children and a large home. But the facade crumbles under mounting debts, leading to a mysterious death that shocks the community.


Episode 8 - An Open Relationship

Cassie Golonin, a fun-loving woman who is enjoying her recent second marriage, suddenly goes missing in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the search for her will uncover tragic secrets.


Episode 9 - Edge of Reason

A happy couple settles in an upscale community of hobbyist pilots. But behind the smiles is a dark secret that thrives on manipulation and control. And when it emerges, a precious life will be viciously snuffed out.


Episode 10 - Double Cross

Katrina Strickland finds out that her ex-husband Mike has moved in with and married her best friend Marie. But it won't be the last scandal to rock the community when one of them is found murdered on their driveway.


Episode 11 - Momma’s Girl

Great-Grandfather Arthur Burney feels lucky to have found love again after divorce. But as his health deteriorates, cracks in the blended family begin to show. Then a tragedy divides the family forever and a plot is exposed.


Episode 12 - Too Good to be True

After their beautiful wedding, Amanda and John Grazioli embarked on a fairy tale life. But just six months later a 911 call will bring the police to a crime scene and a shocking discovery that unmasks a web of lies and a cold-hearted killer's double life.


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