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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Everyone's Favorite Uncle

When wealthy bachelor Steve Clayton meets homely VA nurse Lana Walsh, it’s love at first sight. But the devoted couple isn’t immune to life’s tragedies, and when an untimely death raises questions, an unsettling and devastating secret is revealed.


Episode 2 - Second Chance

Joy and Fred are typical high school sweethearts until a tragic work accident changes the course of their lives forever. As Joy tries to find a second shot at love, her past will refuse to let her go and sets in motion a heartbreaking tragedy.


Episode 3 - Out of His Shell

Doting parents Brett and Mona Wehde live a quiet life in sleepy rural Iowa, raising their three children. When a new family arrives, relationships flourish, but behind closed doors, a wicked plot hatches that will destroy life as they know it forever.


Episode 4 - Plus-One

When Melissa and Rob find love at a birthday BBQ, everything seems to have fallen into place. But as Rob works longer hours, Melissa is left with an uneasy feeling. When tensions flare, not even the happiest of proposals can save them from devastation.


Episode 5 - It Was All of Them

The Futos are a close-knit family of five who film their lives over many decades. But when four of them are found brutally murdered the investigation into the slayings will uncover a terrible truth and a family secret that has laid buried for decades.


Episode 6 - Hoop Dreams

High achieving Keonte Chavis has always relied on her big, loving family to support her dreams. But when a sudden disappearance leads to a disturbing murder, they all face a dark and terrifying reality - the predator is one of their own.


Episode 7 - Unmasked

Rob and Lisa Whedbee are a beautiful couple who turn heads wherever they go. But when a medical misfortune upends their happy family, it sets them on a path of destruction that will end in lies, accusations, and a brutal home invasion.


Episode 8 - Life in Florida

Wealthy and glamorous 72-year-old widow Jean Schwarzkopf is determined not to give up on life and is soon a fixture on the Florida social scene. But Jean’s new friends are not all they seem, and her family is drawn into a dark world of crime and violence.


Episode 9 - Nothing Can Stop Us

Brandon Duran and Amber Andrews are an offbeat couple with a love of family - a perfect match. But despite marriage and a child, their passionate love affair soon turns into venomous hate, leading to a sinister betrayal and a horrifying murder.


Episode 10 - Ghost From the Past

Best friends Julie Marange and Kristin Dargis are like sisters. So, when Julie falls for Kristin’s brother George, it seems to be a perfect romance. But both soon realize that escaping the past takes more than love - and can lead to fatal consequences.


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