American Monster

American Monster Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Everyone's Favorite Uncle

Steve and Lana Clayton seem like a devoted couple.


Episode 2 - Second Chance

Joy and Fred are typical high school sweethearts until a tragic work accident changes everything.


Episode 3 - Out of His Shell

When a new family arrives in rural Iowa, a wicked plot is hatched behind closed doors.


Episode 4 - Plus-One

Melissa and Rob find love at a birthday BBQ, but the once happy relationship comes to a deadly end.


Episode 6 - Hoop Dreams

Keonte Chavis goes missing, then she is found strangled to death in the woods.


Episode 7 - Unmasked

A medical trauma upends a couple's happy life, setting them on a path of destruction.


Episode 8 - Life in Florida

The family of a wealthy 78-year-old widow is drawn into a dark world of crime and violence.


Episode 9 - Nothing Can Stop Us

A marriage turns tumultuous when a shocking secret breaks the surface and leads to murder.


Episode 10 - Ghost From the Past

Friends are separated for an eternity when one marries the other's brother.


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