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Sesame Street Season 44 Episodes

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Season 44 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Telly Gets Jealous

Telly becomes jealous of Baby Bear’s pet parrot for being able to perform tricks his own pet hamster can't do!


Episode 2 - The Flower Show

Stinky’s got stage fright and it’s preventing him from blooming. Will he be able to find a way to calm himself down in time for the flower show?!


Episode 3 - Latino Festival

There’s a fiesta on Sesame Street celebrating Latin culture and language. ¡Vámonos, amigos!


Episode 4 - Simon Says

Telly has to learn to relax, listen, and think in order to prepare for a very important Simon Says competition. This is NOT going to be easy…


Episode 5 - Mi Amiguita

Rosita is frustrated that people don’t understand her heritage so she decides to write a book about what being Mexican means to her.


Episode 6 - Firefly Show

Baby Bear and Telly are trying to catch a firefly but it’s not going so well. They’ll need to problem-solve in order to find a solution and get their bug!


Episode 7 - Rosita's Abuela

When Rosita feels awkward speaking Spanish to her grandmother in front of her friends, Maria helps her deal with her feelings and shows her how to feel proud of who she is.


Episode 8 - Judy and the Beast

Judy is looking for a beast to be her friend and share adventures with. This sounds like a job for a fairy godmother. Enter Abby who helps her choose between a lobster, a kangaroo, or a horse. Which will it be?


Episode 9 - Pogo Games

Telly trains with a famous pogo stick coach to help him win the Pogo Games, but the most important lesson he learns is something that only he can teach himself - confidence!


Episode 10 - Baby Bear Hates Wee Tee Ball

Papa Bear is excited to teach Baby Bear T-Ball, but Baby Bear would rather sketch the ball than actually hit it.


Episode 11 - The Wedding Planner

Wedding planners Elmo and Zoe must make sure everything is taken care of so that Rocco and Petra can be formally pronounced rock and rock!


Episode 12 - Every Plant That Ever Was

Stinky questions whether he is a plant at all when he finds out that he’s been excluded from a book called the “Great Big Book of Every Plant that Ever Was.” Can he prove himself and be included?


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