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Season 47 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Abby Helps Clear Things Up

When Prince Charming mistakenly believes that the fire hydrant and a pineapple are the princess and accidently proposes to Abby, she brings him to her eye doctor and calms him as the doctor discovers that he needs glasses. Includes Elmo's World: Doctors.


Episode 2 - Super Sitters

Grover and Cookie Monster help Chris babysit and learn how to take care of a baby. Includes Elmo's World: Babies.


Episode 3 - Dress Up

Abby and Elmo have a playdate and use their imagination to play dress up. They pretend to be lots of different people like bike repair assistants who help Nina fix Rosita’s bike. Includes Elmo’s World: Dress Up.


Episode 4 - Norbert’s Birthday

Rosita, Zoe and Grover give Norbert the Robot a surprise birthday party to show how much they care about him. Includes Elmo’s World: Birthdays.


Episode 5 - Elmo Comes Clean

Elmo keeps hiding from Nina because he wants more time to play before his bath but Ernie helps him realize that he can also play in the bathtub. Includes Elmo’s World: Bath Time.


Episode 6 - Make Your Garden Grow

Elmo has made sure that his apple tree has good soil, water and sunshine but he becomes exasperated because it has barely begun to sprout. Finally, Elmo learns to be patient and waits for it to grow. Includes Elmo’s World: Gardens.


Episode 7 - House of Worm

When Abby inspects her fairy garden, she meets a worm named Francine Lloyd Wright who doesn’t understand the meaning of “home.” She builds a log cabin but learns that a family makes a house a home. Includes Elmo’s World: Homes.


Episode 8 - Rocking Rollie

Zoe and Rosita invent their own baby-rocking machine to help rock baby Rollie’s cradle so their arms won’t get tired. Includes Elmo’s World: Building Things.


Episode 9 - Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day and Rosita’s friends help her make a video message so she can tell her dad how much she loves him. Includes Elmo’s World: Father’s Day, and a special guest appearance from James Corden.


Episode 10 - The Recycling Fairy

Redusa, the Recycling Fairy, visits Sesame Street and helps everyone recycle their old trash into something new to help keep the Earth clean and beautiful. Includes Elmo’s World: Recycling.


Episode 11 - The Camouflage Show

Elmo, Rosita, and Chris try to find six camouflaged things on Sesame Street so they can join the Camouflage Club. Includes Elmo's World: Camouflage, and a special guest appearance from Kyra Sedgwick.


Episode 12 - The Four Sneezons

Grover wishes he didn’t have a cold in the fall, so Rudy uses Abby’s wand to change the season. Now every time Grover sneezes, the seasons keep changing! Includes Elmo’s World: Seasons and special guest Feist.


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