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Season 52 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Lunchtime Engineers

When Chris sprains his ankle, Zoe, Gabrielle, and Rosita use a rope and pulley to bring him his lunch, but the rope slips off the lunch bag. What if they put the lunch bag in a basket and tie the rope to the basket handle? Let’s try!


Episode 2 - Sesame Street Art Museum

Everyone is making a painting to hang in Sesame Street’s art museum. Rudy wants to paint a rainbow, but he can’t make the perfect purple. What if he mixes the red and blue paint a little bit at a time? Let’s try!


Episode 3 - Bug Scouts

Bug Scouts Elmo, Abby, and Cookie Monster want to help Artie the Ant carry a heavy crumb. They try pushing the crumb, but it’s too heavy to move. What if they break the crumb into smaller pieces? Let’s try!


Episode 4 - The Grouch Band

Oscar is getting ready for a virtual Grouch concert with the noisiest and most annoying instruments. Elmo’s Shaky Shake instrument isn’t noisy enough for the concert. What if he adds more rocks and blocks to his jar? Let’s try!


Episode 5 - Hike Pirates

Abby, Rudy, and Freddy are going on a hike. Rudy says he’s tired and wants to go home. To make their hike more fun, Freddy shows Abby and Rudy a map they can follow to find the hidden treasure left by hike pirates.


Episode 6 - Mlk Jr. Day

Elmo and his friends are making a Peace Tree to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. They each draw a picture to show how they will carry on Dr. King’s wish by treating people fairly and kindly every day!


Episode 7 - Astro Team Alpha

Elmo, Abby, and Cookie Monster are playing a space game, driving rovers back to the rocket ship before it blasts off, but then Cookie gets stuck in a crater. What if they push a pile of dirt to make a ramp? Let’s try!


Episode 8 - A Trip to the Dentist

To help remind Julia what happens when you visit the dentist, Elmo, Charlie, and Alan play “pretend dentist” with her. After they count and clean a toy alligator’s teeth, they learn that dentists help keep our teeth clean and healthy.


Episode 9 - Let’s Grow Together

Welcome to the Sesame Street community garden! Tamir has an idea: open a garden stand to share what they grow. Alan shares his grandmother’s pickled daikon recipe. Alan's proud of his heritage and happy to be sharing his family’s culture.


Episode 10 - A Home for Gecko

Elmo, Abby, and Chris are helping Zoe make a habitat for her new pet gecko, Gary. They need a hiding spot in the terrarium for Gary to keep cool. What if they use an empty yogurt cup? Let’s try!


Episode 11 - The Great Home Carnival

It’s raining, and Elmo, Abby, and Rudy can’t go to the carnival anymore. What if they use things at home to make their own memory game, toss game, and rollercoaster? Let’s try!


Episode 12 - Backyard Pizza Parlor

Abby and Rudy's family is following a budget and learn to have pizza night at home, instead of their usual pizza spot, Crusty Charlie's. To make it more fun, they sing songs, play games, and pretend they’re at Crusty Charlie’s as a family.


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