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Adventure Time Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Slumber Party Panic

Finn must keep his promise to Princess Bubblegum and cover up the zombie problem they've created.


Episode 2 - Trouble in Lumpy Space

Finn and Jake must travel to a far-off land to stop Jake from becoming permanently Lumpy.


Episode 3 - Prisoners of Love

The boys try to cool off but get trapped by the Ice King.


Episode 4 - Tree Trunks

Finn and Jake try to go on a quest while protecting Tree Trunks.


Episode 5 - The Enchiridion

Finn quests for a book that will make him a better hero.


Episode 6 - The Jiggler

Finn and Jake must figure out what's wrong with a creature.


Episode 7 - Ricardio the Heart Guy

Finn becomes jealous of Princes Bubblegum's new suitor.


Episode 8 - Business Time

Finn and Jake must take charge after the businessmen they've outsourced some of their work to go too far.


Episode 9 - My Two Favorite People

Jake tries to broker peace between Rainicorn and Finn.


Episode 10 - Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

Finn gets caught up in trying to make everyone happy.


Episode 11 - Wizard

Finn single-mindedly pursues the powers an old wizard offers him, until he learns that with great power comes, yeah yeah yeah, all that.


Episode 12 - Evicted!

Marceline shows up and informs Finn and Jake that the tree fort was once hers and she wants it back.


Episode 13 - City of Thieves

Finn tries not to be corrupted by the City of Thieves.


Episode 14 - The Witch's Garden

Jake loses his powers to a witch.


Episode 15 - What Is Life?

In his attempt to out-prank Jake, Finn inadvertently creates the Ice King's son.


Episode 16 - Ocean of Fear

Finn faces his biggest challenge yet, overcoming his fear of water.


Episode 17 - When Wedding Bells Thaw

Finn must help plan the Ice King's bachelor party.


Episode 18 - Dungeon

Finn tries to conquer a dungeon without Jake's help.


Episode 19 - The Duke

Finn goes to great lengths to catch the evil Duke of Nuts, only to discover he's not such a bad guy after all.


Episode 20 - Freak City

A magical man turns Finn into a foot. They meet others who have been similarly wronged and must work together.


Episode 21 - Donny

In an attempt to save a village, Finn and Jake rehabilitate Donny the Ogre, who's a real jerk.


Episode 22 - Henchman

While trying to rescue a helpless stranger, Finn becomes Marceline's slave.


Episode 23 - Rainy Day Daydream

Jake's imagination runs wild, and Finn has to stop it before it kills them.


Episode 24 - What Have You Done?

Finn and Jake befriend the Ice King in an attempt to save the ice cream people.


Episode 25 - Finn Meets His Hero

Finn meets his adventuring role model, only to learn he's become a wuss in his old age.


Episode 26 - Gut Grinder

Finn and Jake chase a mysterious villain who's been stealing gold from helpless villages.


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