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Episode 3 - Five More Short Graybles

Finn and Jake stick their thumbs in everything. Marceline tries to find her way to Wizard Bill's Music Shop. Ice King gets a new bride.


Episode 4 - Up a Tree

Finn and Jake are playing catch when Finn accidentally tosses their throwing disc into a gigantic tree.


Episode 5 - All the Little People

Magic Man secretly slips Finn a bag filled with miniature versions of Finn and all his friends.


Episode 6 - Jake the Dad

Jake's a daddy, but being a father and keeping his rainicorn pups from killing themselves or each other is a lot harder than he imagined.


Episode 7 - Davey

Finn can't go anywhere without folks stopping to thank him for being a hero.


Episode 8 - Mystery Dungeon

Ice King, NEPTR, Tree Trunks, Shelby and Lemongrab are trapped inside a mysterious dungeon and must work together to free themselves.


Episode 9 - All Your Fault

Princess Bubblegum sends Finn and Jake to investigate a message of distress from the Earls of Lemongrab.


Episode 10 - Little Dude

While Finn and Jake go swimming, Finn's hat magically comes to life!


Episode 11 - Bad Little Boy

The princesses are sick and tired of Ice King's crazy Fionna & Cake stories, so Marceline stops by the Ice Kingdom to show him how it's done.


Episode 12 - Vault of Bones

Finn's worried Flame Princess still has evil tendencies in her and wants to shift her alignment to good.


Episode 13 - The Great Bird Man

Finn and Jake get lost in the Badlands and are saved by Xergiok, ex-Goblin King who now lives in cave.


Episode 14 - Simon & Marcy

A look at what Ice King and Marceline were like 996 years ago.


Episode 15 - A Glitch Is a Glitch

Ice King creates a computer virus to delete everybody except him and Princess Bubblegum.


Episode 16 - Puhoy

Stuck inside the treehouse during a sword storm, Jake builds a pillow fort while Finn goes to a different world.


Episode 17 - BMO Lost

BMO gets snatched away by a giant eagle and must find his way home.


Episode 18 - Princess Potluck

Ice King gets super jealous when he finds out that he wasn't invited to the Princess Potluck.


Episode 19 - James Baxter the Horse

Finn and Jake meet a horse with the power to make sad people happy.


Episode 20 - Shh!

Finn and Jake hold a contest to see who can last longer without talking.


Episode 21 - The Suitor

Peppermint Butler thinks Princess Bubblegum is spending too much time in her lab and decides she needs a suitor.


Episode 22 - The Party's Over, Isla de Senorita

His kidnapping scheme foiled again for like the millionth time, Ice King decides he's had enough.


Episode 23 - One Last Job

Jake Jr. gets mixed up with some bad eggs and Jake has to reunite with his old gang for one last job to save him.


Episode 24 - Another Five More Short Graybles

Why are Finn and Jake building a time machine? Can Princess Bubblegum help Cinnamon Bun conquer his fear of the dark?


Episode 25 - Candy Streets

Lumpy Space Princess is robbed and faints before she can tell Finn and Jake who robbed her.


Episode 26 - Wizards Only, Fools

Princess Bubblegum believes magic is nothing but a bunch of hooey. When Starchy gets sick and asks her to use magic to cure him, she asks Finn and Jake to help her sneak into Wizard City to get a cold spell.


Episode 27 - Jakesuit

Jake is sick and tired of Finn using his body as a suit of armor, so he convinces Finn to trade places to show him how much it really stinks.


Episode 28 - Be More

Finn and Jake disguise themselves as MOs in order to infiltrate the MO factory in hopes of saving BMO from malfunctioning.


Episode 29 - Sky Witch

Marceline is on a top-secret mission tracking Maja the Sky Witch. When she loses the witch’s trail, Marceline turns to Princess Bubblegum for help.


Episode 30 - Frost & Fire

After Flame Princess battles Ice King, Finn has an exciting dream. But when it abruptly ends, Finn must get Flame Princess and Ice King to fight again to find out how it ends.


Episode 31 - Too Old

Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum discover a talented mutant named Lemonsqueak at the Pageant of Mutants. Now, they must find a way to free him from the Lemongrabs.


Episode 32 - Earth & Water

Princess Bubblegum subjects Flame Princess to a series of tests to gauge Flame Princess’s fiery tendencies. When there’s an emergency at the treehouse and Princess Bubblegum leaves Cinnamon Bun to watch Flame Princess, her experiment might literally backfire in her face.


Episode 33 - Time Sandwich

Jake crafts the most delicious sandwich ever, but when Magic Man steals it, Finn must defy the laws of space and time to win back Jake’s creation.


Episode 34 - The Vault

When Finn starts sleepwalking and dreaming about the Green Lady he filed away in his memory vault, Jake and BMO help him tap into his repressed memories to uncover a secret past.


Episode 35 - Love Games

Slime Princess needs a husband or else she'll lose the Slime Kingdom to her obnoxious sis. Finn steps in to save the day, but first they will need to win a series of love games to prove to Slime Princess's dad that they are really in love.


Episode 36 - Dungeon Train

Finn and Jake discover a train where every car is a dungeon filled with a new foe for Finn to fight. Jake gets bored and wants to leave, but Finn is having the best time and doesn't want to leave ever!


Episode 37 - The Box Prince

Finn meets the Box Prince and discovers the Box Kingdom has been taken over by an imposter. Now, Finn must help the real Box Prince reclaim his rightful throne.


Episode 38 - Red Starved

Finn, Jake and Marceline are trapped in an underground cavern with no red in sight. If Marceline doesn't feed, she will turn into a vampiric beast and suck out all of Jake's blood! Finn heads off to explore the cave and find something red to satiate her until they can be rescued.


Episode 39 - We Fixed a Truck

Finn finds an old truck, and Jake calls Banana Man to help with the repairs. When BMO stays up all night working on the truck, he hears on a spooky radio talk show that Princess Bubblegum is a reptilian replicant.


Episode 40 - Play Date

Sick and tired of babysitting Ice King while the Ice Kingdom is being rebuilt, Finn and Jake call up an old friend to hang out with their annoying houseguest, Abracadaniel.


Episode 41 - The Pit

Kee-Oth the Blood Demon has kidnapped Jake, taken him back to his dimension and thrown him in a pit. If Finn wants to rescue his friend, he's going to need Lady Rainicorn's help and a videotape that will reveal how to open the portal to Kee-Oth's dimension.


Episode 42 - James

Finn and Jake are excited when Princess Bubblegum invites them to help her collect samples in the Desert of Wonders. But when their vessel is attacked by nasty goo monsters, Finn and Jake start to think the mission has been sabotaged by Princess Bubblegum's robot helper, James.


Episode 43 - Root Beer Guy

Root Beer Guy works a boring job during the day and tries to write mystery stories at night. But his life is about to change when he witnesses Finn and Jake kidnapping Princess Bubblegum!


Episode 44 - Apple Wedding

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the year! But who will be united in matrimony?


Episode 45 - Blade of Grass

Finn and Jake decide it's time for Finn to get a new sword. Finn reluctantly buys a grass sword from a mysterious old man, but the sword turns out to be cursed.


Episode 46 - Rattleballs

Finn practices his sword fighting skills at the candy junkyard, where he meets an old gumball robot named Rattleballs. To Finn's shock, he finds out he's not the master swordsman he thinks he is.


Episode 47 - The Red Throne

When Flame King breaks out of his prison and takes over the Flame Kingdom again, Flame Princess turns to the one person she believes she can trust, Finn!


Episode 48 - Betty

In Wizard City, a magic spell backfires and turns Ice King back into Simon.


Episode 49 - Bad Timing

Love is in the air when Lumpy Space Princess reconnects with an old classmate, but will her jealousy get in the way of finding true love?


Episode 50 - Lemonhope Part 1

Tired of all of Princess Bubblegum's talk about responsibility, Lemonhope yearns for true freedom. So he sets off on the greatest adventure of his lemony life.


Episode 51 - Lemonhope Part 2

Though Lemonhope finds refuge from the desert with monster hunter Phlannel Boxingday, he might not be able to escape the ghosts of his past.


Episode 52 - Billy's Bucket List

Finn finds the hero Billy's bucket list and decides to complete the unfinished items as a final tribute.


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