Evil Lives Here Season 11 Episodes

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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - He Comes to My Dreams

After marrying Norman Starnes, Gwen Bailey becomes his unwilling accomplice.


Episode 2 - The Monster I Married

Cindy is still haunted by the night she decided not to kill her husband, Bobby, in his sleep.


Episode 3 - Deadly Fetish

Debra Davis never suspects her husband's perversions are signs of something evil deep inside him.


Episode 4 - The Black Widow

Cindy Taylor discovers her mother has been hiding the nature of her father's death.


Episode 5 - My Son's Prisoner

Shelly Lietz's crippling fear of her son turns her into a prisoner in her own home.


Episode 6 - First Love, Forever Evil

Melissa Holland realizes she's in mortal danger after marrying her high school sweetheart.


Episode 7 - The Soap Star's Secret

Actor Thom Bierdz brings his troubled younger brother out to Los Angeles to help set him straight.


Episode 8 - The Cop and the Killer

Police officer Walt Chavis is forced to choose between his duty and his family.


Episode 9 - Blood Atonement

Estephania LeBaron believes her father and brothers are holy men who do bad things in God's name.


Episode 10 - The Demon in His Eyes

Betty and Ulayla never believed their brother was capable of pure evil until he confessed a secret.


Episode 11 - Put on a Happy Face

Melissa Moore's admiration for her father is replaced by the horror of learning who he really is.


Episode 12 - The Monster Inside Him

Karen strikes a deal to get her brother, Richard, out of her life.


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