Evil Lives Here Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - What If He Was Innocent?

A father's job is to protect his kids but one evil dad missed the memo.


Episode 2 - My Son Is Damaged Goods

After finding her name on a bullet, a mom fears her son has lethal plans.


Episode 3 - I Don't Know Why He Spared Me

Sharon is amazed to be alive after learning about her ex's twisted crimes.


Episode 4 - He Pretends to Be Human

A woman's short-lived fairy tale becomes a nightmare from which she is desperate to escape.


Episode 5 - They Said I Killed My Brother

A killer's sister agonizes over whether to protect him or turn him in.


Episode 6 - The Box On Her Doorstep

A girl trusts her stepfather implicitly but he has monstrous intentions.


Episode 7 - He Lived A Double Life

A man's double life is exposed and all who love him will pay the price.


Episode 8 - To Infinity And Back

A mom suffers an agonizing blow when she defies her monstrous ex-husband.


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