Evil Lives Here Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - My Son Should Die In Prison

A man believes his murderous son deserves to die in prison.


Episode 2 - He Got Into My Soul

A woman's faith in her convicted lover's innocence erodes into terror.


Episode 3 - Why Did I Let Him In?

A woman is flattered by her boyfriend's obsession until he turns violent.


Episode 4 - He Got Away With Murder

A man who believes his dad could never commit murder finds out he's wrong.


Episode 5 - My Sister Blamed Me

A woman prepares for her vengeful sister's eventual release from prison.


Episode 6 - He Was My Hero And A Monster

A son wrestles with conflicting feelings about his violent father.


Episode 7 - I Want To Watch His Last Breath

A woman suspects her husband may be the vicious monster police are hunting.


Episode 8 - I Still Love My Daddy

After a man commits suicide, his daughter discovers he led a secret life.


Episode 9 - I Was Warned And Didn't Listen

A woman is taken prisoner by her husband and she realizes escape will come at a terrible cost.


Episode 10 - He Was Born Evil

A woman leaves her husband and he takes out his revenge on others.


Episode 11 - Nobody Believed Me

When a boy goes with his stepfather on a handyman job, he doesn’t realize he is walking into the scenes of brutal murders, which will go...


Episode 12 - We All Die Tonight

We All Die Tonight


Episode 13 - He Fed Him To Gators

Craig Lester Thrift brags about getting away with murder but everyone thinks he is kidding; Robyn Barry knows Thrift better than anyone...


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