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Episode 1 - I Invited Him In

Jill Garrison thought her second go-around with love would be the one that lasted the rest of her life. But then her quiet town suddenly began to be terrorized by a nightmarish killer.


Episode 2 - In the Lion's Cage

Linda Wittmier and Terry Jo Howard both fell in love with James Michael Randall. And both suffered when they discovered the monster that lurked inside him.


Episode 3 - The Last Blanco

As a young boy, Michael Blanco had seen his mother do violent things that seemed straight out of the movies. But he never once doubted that she did those things to keep their family safe until the day he learned the truth.


Episode 4 - Fear Thy Father

Charles Sexton was taught that his father, Eddie, was God. He and his siblings were willing and loyal disciples, but as the family descends into madness, Charles discovers that in the Sexton family, crossing his father was deadly.


Episode 5 - Something Wasn't Right

When Reginald Brooks began acting strangely, Beverly Stephens worried that her husband's bizarre behavior was a warning sign that something wasn't right. But she never suspected there was a killer lurking inside him.


Episode 6 - Master Manipulator

When Brian Cargill divorced his wife, Kimberly, he thought it was the end of the worst time of his life. Instead, he found himself in a desperate battle to save his son, Jamie, from her deadly wrath.


Episode 7 - The Grim Reaper

When Linda found out her biological father was her family friend, Greg Scarpa, she was overjoyed. But when the rest of Greg's bloody secrets came out, Linda learned that being part of his family was potentially deadly.


Episode 8 - We Looked Happy

Brooke Lehman was raised to believe Kevin Dunlap was her father. Her mother, Stephanie, kept the truth a secret, but neither of them realized that Kevin was keeping other, far more deadly secrets of his own.


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