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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - I Tried to Prevent This

For 17 years, Kathy Swanson feared her son, Michael, would one day harm someone. For 17 years, she tried in vain to convince people that something about Michael was different until her worst nightmare came true.


Episode 2 - The Face of My Torturer

William Knorr's mother Theresa always threatened that if she ever went to jail for what she had done, she would take him down with her.


Episode 3 - Our Secret Identity

As a child, Pam Jacobs spent years of her life on the run from the law. But she had no idea that her father Charles Sinclair was a wanted man until the day the FBI caught up with them.


Episode 4 - Until We Meet Again

When James Henslee realized that he was the police's prime suspect, he couldn't believe it. Now he must convince them that someone he had once looked up to was the one capable of murder.


Episode 5 - He Knew What He Was

Ronald and Patty had always seen the signs that their older brother Bernard Eugene Giles had a darker side, but when Gene finally let loose the monster lurking inside they couldn't help but wonder how things had gone so wrong.


Episode 6 - They Let Him Out

When Clare Bradburn's ex-husband Ed suddenly confessed to his crime after 26 years, she thought she finally had justice. She never expected that her nightmare would just continue.


Episode 7 - I Have To Do The Right Thing

When Tim Kreider discovered proof that his son Alec was responsible for a horrific crime, he knew what was the right thing to do. But his instincts as a father told him something else.


Episode 8 - My Twisted Sister

When Elizabeth Flores was a child, her sister Louise tried to shield her from a bad family secret. But when Louise met David Turpin, that all changed. Now, Louise has gone from running away from monsters to becoming one herself.


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