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Episode 1 - I Watched Daddy Bury Mommy

As a child, Lori Hodge doesn’t understand what she sees when her father, Gene Keidel, digs a hole in the yard in the middle of the night, but as she gets older and realizes the truth, she becomes a threat, and he will stop at nothing to keep his secret.


Episode 2 - I Made It Out Alive

For years, every time Gabi Blair walks past the freezer, she shudders at the thought of the horrors hidden inside. Forced to keep secret her mother’s crimes, she prays that someone will discover the truth before she becomes her mother’s next victim.


Episode 3 - Scratch My Murderous Itch

Eugene Borg knows that Satan has evil plans for his young son, Tyler, and spends the subsequent years battling the demons he believes plague his child -- until a shock comes that proves that he may have forever lost the war for his son’s soul.


Episode 4 - Kill Him, Save Yourself

David Magnano and his stepsister, Jessica, know that Scott Magnano is dangerous. They know they would be safer if he were gone, and they know he deserves to die. What David doesn’t know is how much he will regret not killing Scott when he has the chance.


Episode 5 - He Called It "The Need"

When Dianne Burns moves across the country to marry Mark Burns in prison, she has no doubt her soon-to-be husband has been wrongfully accused -- until after his release when she begins to see signs that he is not only guilty but only just getting started.


Episode 6 - He Looks Like the Killer on TV

Margie Bult thinks her second husband is too good to be true from the start, but when a friend tells her to turn on the TV and she sees a fugitive named Paul Steven Mack who resembles him, she vows to uncover the truth no matter the risk to herself.


Episode 7 - Fantasizing and Hunting

When Michael O’Leary moves in with his brother, Marc, he doesn’t realize that Marc has already fled the police in one state and committed crimes in another until police finally track them down, and suspect Michael of being Marc’s accomplice.


Episode 8 - The Hole in the Backyard

When a hole appears in the backyard, Delila Yang gets suspicious. She knows her mother, Karina, dug it and knows someone is missing, but Delila doesn't yet realize she must work with police to trap her mom and unearth her sinister secrets.


Episode 9 - Ménage à Terror

Genie already knows Lee Cawthon is capable of horrible things when he forces her into a polygamous relationship. She plays along with his twisted demands but doesn't realize that the consequences of letting him have his way might be worse.


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