Evil Lives Here Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - It Was All Judith

As a child, Corey Breininger's stepmother, Judith Hawkey, coerces him into doing something horrible.


Episode 2 - I Raised a Sociopath

Robert Foust contemplates killing his son but chooses to put himself and his son in God's hands.


Episode 3 - The Nights I Don't Remember

Joylynn Martinez experiences memory lapses, never realizing that her husband is responsible.


Episode 4 - My Brother Made History

Travis Spencer discovers a gruesome truth about his older brother Timothy's childhood pranks.


Episode 5 - While I Was Gone

Michele's husband, Richard, doesn't mind when she's gone; his perversions are getting hard to hide.


Episode 6 - I Wished My Son Were Dead

Joyce Alexander is terrified of her son, William; she fears he is plotting revenge from prison.


Episode 7 - You Have to Get Out

Robin Heale realizes how evil her husband Edward Pehowic is after she escapes his clutches.


Episode 8 - I Should Have Killed Him Myself

John Duck spends his entire life fearing the day his brother Kevin would finally kill someone.


Episode 9 - He Almost Got Away With It

Timothy Bass had gotten away with murder for decades, but wife Gina uncovered his evil secret.


Episode 10 - He Said There Were More of Them

Shirley Gaskins sees signs that her father is one of the most prolific serial killers in America.


Episode 11 - He Won't Tell Us Why

After their family is torn apart, two brothers suspect evil exists in their father.


Episode 12 - The Werewolf Butcher

Jack Roy Spillman's sisters learn of horrific things he's done; he may be more animal than human.


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