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Episode 1 - What If He Was Innocent?

Some say Cameron Todd Willingham was wrongfully convicted, and the court put an innocent man to death. But Stacy Kuykendall knew Todd better than anyone, and she's convinced that he was a monster who was guilty as charged and deserved to die.


Episode 2 - My Son is Damaged Goods

Jeanne Avsenew and her young son Peter were close, but as Peter matured, his obsession with death grew. The day Jeanne finds a bullet with her name scrawled on it, she realizes her son wants her dead, and Jeanne must take drastic measures to keep safe.


Episode 3 - I Don't Know Why He Spared Me

Thirty years on, Sharon Morris still wonders why former boyfriend Tony Fiebiger didn't kill her when he had the chance. There was a time when she felt only love for Tony, but as his sick crimes are revealed, she's grateful she's alive to talk about it.


Episode 4 - He Pretends to Be Human

When Kelly Pletcher heard what her ex-husband Wayne Adam Ford carried in his pocket while surrendering to police, she was horrified and disgusted - but not surprised. The real surprise was that she managed to escape before becoming one of his victims.


Episode 5 - They Said I Killed My Brother

Eric Nance expects his sister Belinda to find and destroy his murder weapon to protect him. When she finally locates it, Belinda is torn between family loyalty and doing what she knows is right. Her choice will either shield him from police or betray him.


Episode 6 - The Box on Her Doorstep

Each time she was targeted by an anonymous predator, Sarah Garone ran to her stepfather, Gary Hardy. She always felt something about Gary was creepy, but as the events got more disturbing, she never imagined someone trusted could be the one to hurt her.


Episode 7 - He Lived A Double Life

Sonja Holt begins to suspect that her fiancé, Stafford Shaw, is living a secret double life. She can't imagine just how far he will go to keep everyone from finding out the truth about him or the terrible price that will be paid when his secrets collide.


Episode 8 - To Infinity and Back

When Claire Throssell meets Darren Sykes, she thinks her future husband's overwhelming displays of affection are signs of love. She fails to see that Darren is out to control her, and if he doesn't get his way, the revenge he takes will be terrible.


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