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My Cat from Hell Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Terrorizing My Clients

A female cat named Larry with disturbing bouts of aggression threatens to keep Josh and Tara from getting married. Heather and Alan's cat Ruby ruins their in-home Pilates studio and threatens their livelihood with her sudden fits of aggression.


Episode 2 - Mad Max

A Bengal cat with jungle energy is disrupting the peace between girlfriends Shanna and Lori. Ned and Kellee's cat, Mad Max, sneaks into their neighbor's apartment, and is too dangerous to be around their soon-to-be-born baby.


Episode 3 - On the War Path

A vicious cat named Kleo attacks Tim’s cats, keeping him from proposing to his girlfriend, Brooklyn. War veteran Bobby and his girlfriend In-Hae deal with Marco, a cat that reacts violently towards their tiny dog, Yuki.


Episode 4 - Pissed Off!

A vicious cat prevents Rob and Stephanie from adding a baby to their family. Jessica's cat, Mr. Fluff, chases her and her boyfriend Cameron around the house, scratching up everything in sight.


Episode 5 - Cat Fight!

Penny Lane is a crazed cat that hates Laura's roommate, Lizzy, and attacks her at every opportunity. Newlyweds Marty and Karen have just moved into their dream house, but their dream was soon shattered as their cats began to attack each other.


Episode 6 - Spitting Mad

Dorothy and Travis's cat, Polly, vomits out of anger, and attacks the couple. They're afraid their 2-year old son is her next victim. Two sphinx cats, Black Rose and Mathilda, battle for control over Steve and Dierdre's home.


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