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My Cat from Hell Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Scout's Honor

Scout is so afraid of its tormentor, Caramel, that he literally lives inside a kitchen cabinet; A woman who adopted a hybrid Bengal cat who can use the toilet but can't keep otherwise keep still.


Episode 2 - Mayday! Mayday!

Jackson experiences his most vicious, and most illuminating, cat attack of not just the season, but in years, at the claws of a troubled cat named May. Also, the Cat Daddy must help a nervous-wreck of a cat guardian move her two very feral cats to Canada.


Episode 3 - Nightmare on Cat Street

Jackson works with a couple who have a lovable cat, Zachary, that also happens to spray all over the house. Jackson's shocking conclusion as to why Zachary marks: "Barbarians at the gate!"; Jackson meets up with troublemaking cat named Freddie Krueger.


Episode 4 - Feral Shop Cat

Jackson helps a couple whose three cats have been fighting to such extremes they moved into a bigger house just to give their warring felines extra space apart. The Cat Daddy works with a feral shop cat named Greenie whose spraying is threatening business


Episode 5 - Kitten Impossible: Roadtrip Rescue

In a first-of-its-kind episode, Jackson takes the show on the road, literally. In order to save the lives of 50 kittens from LA shelters, the Cat Daddy high-tails 50 orphan kittens in need of a home all the way to his old stomping grounds of Boulder, CO.


Episode 6 - Mojito Cat

Jackson deals with a young man with a genuine cat phobia; The Cat Daddy returns to Colorado to keep his favorite kitten from the kitten rescue road trip in her adoptive home; Jackson teaches a boy he met at the adoption event how to clicker train a kitten


Episode 7 - Jekyll and Hyde Cat

Jackson works with a couple with a blind cat who's suffering from living in a chaotic environment. He then visits a Jekyl and Hyde cat, Jude, that's a darling during the day, but a nightmare at night.


Episode 8 - A Scratch from the Past

Jackson works with a guardian, Tara, whose traumatic experience with her previous cat is affecting her currently troubled cat, Cali. Jackson must deal with guardian Kurtis and his cat Kurtis Jr. before the guardian has his feline namesake declawed.


Episode 9 - Bully Cat

Jackson comes to the aid of a couple afraid to have a child for fear of their aggressive cat, Martini. He must also try to keep the peace between a pair of cats whose battleground is often the kitty litter.


Episode 10 - Bad Max

Jackson works on the behavior of a hyperactive cat named Mr. Weasley. However, when this Persian cat goes down mid-play, the story takes a completely different turn; Jackson figures out how to move an exiled cat indoors.


Episode 11 - Good Kitty, Bad Kitty

Jackson comes to the defense of Good Kitty, a feline who he must help stand up to her two feline attackers. The Cat Daddy also encounters a couple fed up with the way their cats, Tiki and Marley, are eating everything in sight.


Episode 12 - Cats in Isolation

Jackson deals with the drama of a house divided where four cats are constantly at each other's throats. The Cat Daddy also comes to the Living Free Animal Sanctuary's cattery where territorial issues have forced two cats to live in isolation for years.


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