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My Cat from Hell Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Hungry Like the Wolf

Jay has one lady in his life and that's his ferocious attack cat, Marley. Marley will tear apart anyone who crosses her path, including Jay. Not only does Marley have a thirst for blood; but she has a hunger for junk food too.


Episode 2 - Scared to Laugh

Symone is already an aggressive cat, but the sound of Kelly laughing or crying launches her into a bloodthirsty attack. Alex is getting ready to go off to college, but she's afraid once she leaves her mom, Gena will get rid of her cat Meeko.


Episode 3 - Godzilla Attacks!

Godzilla is deaf and Doug and Talon's other cat Mudgie has a shattered pelvis and can't move her tail. Unable to communicate with each other, Godzilla is attacking Mudgie.


Episode 4 - Reese the Ripper

George and Beth are prisoners in their own home due to their ferocious kitty Reese. Reese is a cat version of Jack the Ripper and Beth is one of his favorite targets.


Episode 5 - When the Fat Lady Sings

Alan and Shannon were looking for a cat they could cuddle, but instead they got Barnabas - a hissing, flesh ripping, demon cat. The only thing that calms Barnabas down is opera music.


Episode 6 - Appetite for Destruction

Marco and Aimee recently got married, but Marco's cat, Monty, is tearing them apart with his appetite for destruction. Marco will eat everything and everything in sight from shoes, to towels, to their bedspread, nothing is safe.


Episode 7 - Chloe the Bully

Jackson visits cat owners and newlyweds Jordan and Julie. What should be a joyous time in their life has turned into a hellish nightmare due to Jordan's beloved cat, Chloe who's bullying Julie's cat Ketone.


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