My Cat from Hell

My Cat from Hell Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Cat Fight!

Emile and Mike can't leave their two cats alone as one will viciously attack the other. The couple is at their breaking point with the bloody attacks. Justin and Susanne can't agree on how to handle their energetic Bengal cat who constantly attacks Susan.


Episode 2 - My Cat or My Family

Jen cat, Xena, used to be a sweet cuddly kitten, but now she's turned into a mean, demon cat that scares her son. A newly adopted kitten has changed the mood for Nick and Julie's cat Gigi from sunny to dark.


Episode 3 - Kitty Dearest

Travis and Diane share joint custody of Oscar, but she can't take his obnoxious behaviour anymore. Married couple, Vincent and Esther disagree on their approach in dealing with their cat, Riley's hissing and scratching fits.


Episode 4 - Kitty Jail

Finn's incessant crying often wakes his owner's, Lara and David, up at 4am. The couple argues about locking him up in their guest bathroom also known as kitty jail. Nancye and James are at the end of their rope, as their cat, Molly chews on EVERYTHING.


Episode 5 - Roscoe the Menace

Terror cat, Mufasa, is threatening the planning of engaged couples', Rudy and Andrea's perfect wedding. Ruben and Danielle's cat Roscoe is a menace knocking things off shelves, destroying furniture and climbing window screens trying to escape.


Episode 6 - Cat Escape!

Family will not visit Don and Addie because of their ferocious feline, Addie. Three's a crowd as Khrys's cat Kitty doesn't like her boyfriend Michael.


Episode 7 - My Cat Eats Everything!

Mark and Angela have to childproof their home because their cat, Gus eats EVERYTHING. Stella just chased off Melissa's latest boyfriend with her brutal behavior, and shows no signs she willing to accept any more gentleman callers.


Episode 8 - My Cat Is a Bully

Gracie attacks Kristen and Lei daily as well as any of their friends that still dare set foot in their home. Miley not only attacks mother and daughter duo, Mariah and Melissa, but their little dogs too, without provocation.


Episode 9 - Big Boi Ruins Our Social Life

Lucas and Candice are expecting their first child soon. Will four be a crowd? Their misbehaving cat Pump hopes not. Nicole and Shanna's cat, Big Boi is putting a damper on their love lives. Can Jackson help them get the social back in their lives?


Episode 10 - Bitten

A couple is at odds with their fueding cats, Bitten and Chompy. With Jackson's help, can these aptly named cats and their family live together in peace? Mike recently moved in with Amy but is having second thoughts because of her vicious cat Achilles.


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