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Episode 1 - Deaf, Blind, and Biting

Burberry is mostly deaf and blind, has stopped using her litter box and has become violent towards them and their new kitten Purrodox. David and Rebecca's plans of starting a family are on hold due to the violence between their cat Leo and dog Nala.


Episode 2 - Roommates from Hell

Deborah was forced to move out of her home and now lives in a tiny studio apartment with two cats that hate each other.95-year old Callie survived WWII, but her daughter Pam fears she won't be able to survive her cat, Allie, and her vicious attacks


Episode 3 - Penny Hates Puck

Penny's attacks on Puck are so violent that they result in bloodshed every time, and Puck is so terrified she pees on herself after every fight. Tony's bizarre behavior with his stuffed animal has Cliff and Betty scratching their heads.


Episode 4 - Feral Scottish Fold

Bob and Stephanie have a stray cat who they've named Buddy. Buddy is a Scottish Fold who has managed to both pull on Stephanie's heartstrings and rip her to shreds. Angela and Gloria's cat Kali goes into full out-to-kill attack mode on their other cats.


Episode 5 - Macho Cat

Ryann and Derek's cats do not get along. In fact, Buddy has resorted to being a full time bully to Lita. Jen and Nicole have been roommates for five years. Everything was going great until Jen got a cat named Princess Puffy Pants who pees on everything.


Episode 6 - Graveyard of Peed On Things

Louise's cat Pip is a one-eyed cerebral hypoplasia cat, who won't stop tormenting and attacking Louise's other cat, Red. Erin's cat Autumn pees everywhere! She pees on the couch, beds, countertops, microwave, computer monitor, and backpacks.


Episode 7 - The White Tornado

Kristen's cat Moose is marking everything in her house. Can Jackson change his marking ways? Liz and Michael have lived in peace with their sweet senior cat Remy, until Kimba entered their lives. Will Jackson be able to tame Kimba?


Episode 8 - Chubs

Sara and John are now expecting their first child. The only glitch in their happily ever after story, is Sara's aggressive cat, Lucy. Keri wants to become an animal behaviorist. Will the daily fights between her two cats make her change her career path?


Episode 9 - Bea Hates CeCe

CeCe and her sweet cat Aragon continuously find themselves being terrorized by Krista's cat, Bea. Megan loves her 5 year old Persian Fi, the only thing she doesn't love is the fact that Fi has not used a litter box since she got her 2 years ago.


Episode 10 - Cat Horror Show

Rick and Laura started showing Snickers in cat shows when she was a kitten. Now she's older and bites and scratches the judges. Jeremy has Crohn's disease and his cat, Dexter's constant meowing is the greatest stress in his life.


Episode 11 - My Cat Ruined My Wedding

Aimee and Katy love each other and are ready to take the next step and move in together. However, Katy's cat pink is putting a wrench in their plans. Jon and Michelle never thought their marriage would be riddled with stress over their demonic cat Zooey.


Episode 12 - Max Hates My Family

Like most Italian families, Anna and her son Chris, know how important it is to have a close-knit family. However, thanks to Max's hellish behavior, this family bond has been broken. Adrienne moved in with Summer not knowing her cat, Capri was Psycho.


Episode 13 - Buddha Bullies Hector

Hector and Rick are best friends and roommates who are at odds over Rick's cat, Buddha. Buddha bullies Hector.Diane and Richard haven't slept through the night in the same bed in four years and that's all because of their cat Dylan.


Episode 14 - Evil Kashmir

Dean thought Brenda and her cat, Kashmir would be the perfect fit to his home. Unfortunately for them, Kashmir has turned into "resident evil". Arman is frustrated that Theresa's cat's Turbo and Riyo have turned their new space into a giant litter box.


Episode 15 - Devil Cat

Ingrid, Anicka and Nikki have been friends for over 10 years, but this long-standing friendship is on the verge of ending, because of Ingrid's hellish cat, Milo.Sherin and her Bengal cat, Gus, may be kicked out of her parents home due to his behavior.


Episode 16 - Crazy Daisy

Leanne and Steve's cat, Daisy flies into rages over 20 times a day, causing self-inflicted wounds to her tail and body. Samantha and Adam have been happily married for over 5 years but their cat, Gizmo is biting and scratching her way into their bliss.


Episode 17 - Where are they Meow?

After 4 seasons, Jackson Galaxy checks in with previous seasons cat owners, to recap on their story, and find out how they and their cats are doing since filming wrapped.


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