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My Cat from Hell Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Crazy Cat Opens Doors

My Cat From Hell returns featuring the story of a violent cat, Sebastian, whose guardians have a newborn in jeopardy; a door opening wild cat, Zeus, is threatening to leave his owner; and a my cat from heaven story about a lifesaving cat from Ohio.


Episode 2 - Katrina Storms In

A soft-spoken musician who feels abused by her cat and ashamed that she can't figure out how to stop it; A family afraid to furnish their house because the cat they rescued from Katrina stricken New Orleans, is spraying the house and dividing the family.


Episode 3 - Four Blind Cats

Jackson must rescue Meki and Megan from their cycle of co-dependency before they're both kicked out of Megan's parent's place, or worse; Jackson tutors a bouncer on how to handle his sweet Tasmanian devil of a cat; a couple shetlers special needs cats.


Episode 4 - Scary Tails

Jackson works with a cat, Skylar, who's literally afraid of her tail; Jackson also meets up with a pair of guardians whose cat is constantly knocking things over, climbing up the window screens, and spontaneously attacking; a handicap cat inspires people.


Episode 5 - Breaking Bald

Jackson enters Ellen's world, one that's crawling with neighborhood feral cats, who she's been feeding and trying to contain virtually by herself for 20 years; a pair of hairless Donskoy cats who are treating their guardian's home like it's a party zone.


Episode 6 - Brooklyn Cat Fight

Jackson encounters Samantha, who fears her cat, Spike, so much she's been keeping him in a cat box outside her house; Jackson makes his way to Brooklyn where a couple are seeing their relationship suffer over the ongoing blood feud between their two cats,


Episode 7 - Gotham Feral Cats

Jackson visits New York City to meet a father and son who've been taking care of a feral cat colony in their backyard and are desperately in need of help; Jackson lends his expertise to Mike and Darcy, who are dealing with an antisocial cat.


Episode 8 - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Scar

For the first time on the show Jackson helps a cat that can’t get along in its rescue home move in with a foster family, who he’s hopeful will adopt; In My Cat From Heaven, Jackson meets Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, who has thousands of Instagram followers.


Episode 9 - Felines and Frenemies

Roomates Josh and Grace can't keep their cats from attacking each other; Jackson works with a mother-daughter duo, Catherine and Patty, who are struggling with Blackie, a fearful feral cat; In the My Cat From Heaven, Jackson visits the Koneko Cat Café.


Episode 10 - A Brave New Cat World

Jackson enters the Santé D'or shelter with the intention of helping an over-aggressive shelter cat, Pig Pen. However, by the time he leaves, Jackson is ready to take on the challenge of converting Santé D'or into a new shelter concept.


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