My Cat from Hell

My Cat from Hell Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - My Boyfriend vs. My Cat

Reality star and retired model Adrianne Curry and her boyfriend, Todd are living with Adrianne's menacing Siamese cat, Billy Shears. Ashley is college student who is being held prisoner by her bloodthirsty cat, Storm.


Episode 2 - Darkness Comes Knocking

Steev and Laura have been dating for seven years, but Steev's cat Darkness is tearing them apart. Mark and Catalina recently moved into their dream home, but their four cats have turned their house into a war zone.


Episode 3 - Real Housecat of Orange County

Peggy is a former Real Housewife of Orange County. Being a housewife she's used to catfights, except the one she's dealing with now actually involves her real cat, Shadow. Albert licks Christine and Sandeep every chance he gets!


Episode 4 - Bad Cat Karma

When Justin gave his cat-obsessed mom a new kitten, Bombadil, he had no idea it would be a gift from hell. Buddhists Tom and Pola were living a harmonious life until they adopted Percy.


Episode 5 - Fat Elvis

Jeff, a photographer who lives and works out of his home, is at risk of losing his business and his assistant because of his blood-thirsty cat, Buster. Married couple Ted and Rachel and their son Ben have a 21-pound problem, their cat Elvis.


Episode 6 - Psychic Disconnect

Maryam is a pet psychic, but there's one animal she can't communicate with and that's her vicious cat Lily. Shortly after Kym move back home with her cat, Khloe, she discovered an entire feral colony living behind her parent's house.


Episode 7 - Happily Never After

Debbie is torn between her boyfriend and her peeing cat Blinkie. Krisi and Jason have been dating for four years and they only thing standing in the way of them getting married is her crazy cat, Frankie.


Episode 8 - Love Bites!

Ambreen has been in an abusive relationship for the past 13 years, but her abuser is her cat, Calvin.Josh has two women in his life his girlfriend and his cat, Nico. She recently moved in with Josh and Nico, but Nico has been anything but welcoming.


Episode 9 - Woody the Killer Kitty

Francesco is living in fear, of his girlfriend's cat, Pootie. Sandy and Phil were happily married until they adopted their cat Woody. Sandy and Phil are convinced Woody terrorized their deceased cat Velvet so much that he killed her with stress.


Episode 10 - Paranormal Cat-tivity

Lola became so desperate for help with her cat problems that she posted a video seeking a new home for her cat Jimmy Slap.' Mike and Patricia love their three cats, but unfortunately their cats do not love each other. Harold is out to kill Ninja


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