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My Cat from Hell Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sky Dive Nightmare

In Austin, a professional skydiver, is being terrorized by his two high-flying Savannahs. Wolfie, a Maine Coon, is notorious for pooping all over Heather and Bijan's house and then covers up the evidence with their belongings.


Episode 2 - Blood Thirsty

A couple is at odds over their vicious cat Coco. Foley, a cat with night terrors, is driving a wedge between newlyweds Joseph and Ruth.


Episode 3 - Surprise Attack Cat!

Littlez is a little black cat that's a big holy terror. Whisky will poop anywhere and everywhere; on the dining room table, on the stairs, on the couch, even on Kate and Cameron.


Episode 4 - Einstein Hates Izzy

Einstein is the perfect cat, until he sees Izzy and then goes into full out-to-kill attack mode. Scott and Tiffani are expecting their first baby, but before they can bring home their bundle of joy, their cat Ben must stop his hell cat behavior.


Episode 5 - Stalking Miss Daisy

The minute Dexter entered the house; he was out to kill Daisy. Corey got Giver for Sarah's birthday, but this is one gift he'd like to give back.


Episode 6 - Puma on a Rampage

When John married Samantha, he committed to for better or for worse, but he didn't realize her cat Puma would put their vows to the test. Jimmy and Maggie have been married for 45 years, but their 8-year old snowshoe cat, Riley is tearing them apart.


Episode 7 - 911, My Cat's Holding Me Hostage!

Jackson travels to Portland to help Lee and Teresa, the couple that called 911 on their cat Lux.


Episode 8 - Mama Mia!

Parents Greg and Dina have three loving children and one vicious cat named Mia! Chris and Tenille are in love, but the only thing keeping them from moving in together is Tenille's cat, Precious who is anything but!


Episode 9 - Multi-Million Dollar Nightmare

Daniel and Desiree just moved into their multi-million dollar dream home, but Desiree's cat, Frankie, is turning their dream into a nightmare. Leiann and Joey adopted Dyna so their cat Sugar would have a friend, but instead she ended up with an enemy.


Episode 10 - Demon Cat

Andy is in love with his girlfriend, Alyssa, but hates her cat, Tosh. Once Andy moved in Tosh became a "demon cat". Eric and Kaotar's problem child is Vincent. Vincent will try anything to escape. He rips through window screens and opens doors.


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