7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sayonara, Sister!

The Johnstons have a lot to celebrate between Mother's Day, Liz and Brice's second anniversary and Anna finally moving out on her own.


Episode 2 - Anna's in the Dog House

After settling into their new homes, Anna and Elizabeth host competing dinner parties. Jonah struggles to find a suitable apartment to rent.


Episode 3 - From Croquet to Crochet

When Trent's dad's declining health causes him to miss their annual Father's Day gathering, Trent rethinks his priorities. Anna is hit with the realities of living on her own, and Emma settles into her new solo room.


Episode 4 - Buggin' Out

The Johnstons take their prank war to the next level, including bringing live bugs to the mix. Now on their own, Liz and Anna attend a self defense class to ease safety concerns. Then, the family learns how to make pizza from scratch.


Episode 5 - Take This Job and Shove It!

Emma and Alex celebrate their birthdays with a luau-themed party. Now that they are 16, the teens will be allowed to date. Meanwhile, a frustrated Trent makes a sudden decision at work.


Episode 6 - Choppy Waters

The Johnstons hit the beach for a vacation in Florida with family and friends, including the kids' significant others. Jonah breaks the news that he's moving out to his girlfriend, Ashley.


Episode 7 - Trent's Funemployment

Trent begins searching for a new job while Amber decides whether or not to enroll in college to continue her career as a teacher. Anna, Emma and Alex set up Emma's new photo booth and take snapshots for their online shops.


Episode 8 - How Do You Say Joose?

Trent starts his new career, and Alex, Emma and Amber are back in school. Things may be busy, but Trent and Amber consider a new addition to the household. How will the kids react?


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