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7 Little Johnstons Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - License to Drive

Jonah and Anna are both put to the test -- Jonah needs his driver's license, and Anna needs her learner's permit. Meanwhile, Alex is diagnosed with central apnea and undergoes an MRI to find out whether he needs brain surgery.


Episode 2 - Brain Surgery for Alex

Alex is getting ready to undergo brain surgery, and Amber decides to give him a new haircut -- which has disastrous results. While Alex is in the hospital, Trent takes the other Johnston children to see the Harlem Globetrotters.


Episode 3 - Loose Lips Sink Surprises

In preparation for his 40th birthday, Trent decides he wants to shed some weight, but the process isn't as much fun as he expected. Meanwhile, Amber plans a surprise birthday party for Trent that he will never forget.


Episode 4 - I Just Tinkled

Jonah's grades are slipping and Anna would rather do hair and makeup than go to college. Amber and Trent arrange a college tour to motivate Jonah and suggest Anna job shadow at a salon to show her the big issues facing a little person in the workplace.


Episode 5 - A Little Girl in a Pageant World

Elizabeth decides to do something she's never done before -- enter the local beauty pageant! Meanwhile, Trent and Amber take steps to finalize Emma and Anna's adoptions.


Episode 6 - A Family Emergency

A busy family week is interrupted when one of the Johnstons is rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night.


Episode 7 - Party Pooper

Amber is discharged from the hospital in time to help the family throw Anna a Sweet 16 party she'll never forget.


Episode 8 - 8 Little Johnstons?

The Johnstons need a break, so the family takes off for a tropical vacation in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Amber and Trent deliberate on whether they should add another member to the family.


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