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7 Little Johnstons Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - We're Off to See the Wizard!

The Johnstons throw a Halloween party, but can they agree on a costume theme for all 7 of them? A trip to a haunted house winds up being more frightening than some of the kids bargained for. Stress takes a toll on Trent's health, giving the family a scare.


Episode 2 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Johnstons go big for Christmas with a giant tree and an even bigger party for hundreds of little people! Can they pull everything together in time, or will it all come toppling down?


Episode 3 - Little Johnstons, Big Apple

The Johnstons hit the Big Apple for vacation, seeing the sights and making a special trip to Coney Island to learn the history of sideshows. The family has strong feelings about the history and are shocked when they are invited to see a performance.


Episode 4 - That Was a Race?

Liz is feeling great after the end of her relationship last year. She's exercising, painting and has even signed up to race in a 5K with Emma and Anna. She also has a new love interest, but will Trent and Amber be OK with her dating again?


Episode 5 - Valentines or Broken Hearts?

Alex and Emma are both excited to attend their school's Valentine's Day dance. Meanwhile, Anna has finally earned the privilege to drive alone. After months of tension, Amber is at her wits' end, and she and Trent make an appointment to see a therapist.


Episode 6 - Picture Them Naked

Family therapy reveals that Emma has been relying on her parents and siblings to speak for her. The Johnstons vow that they will no longer come to Emma's rescue, so it's sink or swim when she has to give a speech in front of a huge crowd.


Episode 7 - The Promposal

Liz is excited for her junior prom, but will her crush ask her to go? Meanwhile, Trent and Amber test the waters on their own business with a booth at the local festival. Will Trent love the hustle and bustle or decide to close up shop for good?


Episode 8 - A Prom Kiss & A Prom Diss

It's prom season, and Liz and Anna are ready to party, with dresses bought and dates lined up. Will it be the romantic night they've dreamed of? Amber is turning the big 4-0, and the family devises a surprise trip to Hilton Head to celebrate.


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