7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Holiday Hangover

Jonah is the first Johnston to turn 21, and it's Christmas time in the household. While Trent and Amber try to make the holiday merry, the adult kids living at home is causing tension in the family.


Episode 2 - Any Place but Home

Tensions between Trent and Amber and their children Jonah, Anna and Liz continue to grow, pushing the kids to ramp up their efforts to leave the house. Then, things explode when Amber presses Anna for details on her plans to move out.


Episode 3 - A New Year, a New Us?

Despite tension in the family, everyone comes together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Meanwhile, in an attempt to prove to his parents that he does have the motivation to succeed in life, Jonah starts a sports podcast.


Episode 4 - My Farty Valentine

It's Valentine's Day, and Trent has a special present in mind for Amber but needs the kids to chip in. Emma and Alex set up a dating profile for Anna, and Trent and Amber take some time to press Liz and Brice on their relationship.


Episode 5 - A Kick in the Head

Ashley visits Jonah, and they discuss his parents' ultimatum for him to find a full time job and move out of the house. He's got a promising interview lined up, but Trent and Amber may not approve of his new career choice.


Episode 6 - I Only Poop Twice a Week

Tensions are coming to a head at the Johnston home as Anna, Jonah and Liz plan to move out of the house, while Trent and Amber try to teach them the skills they need to succeed on their own. Meanwhile, Trent gets a visit from a childhood friend.


Episode 7 - I'm a Huge Wimp

Trent and Amber are both celebrating birthdays, and the kids plan a big surprise for them. Meanwhile, despite their recent arguments, Jonah approaches Trent for help with his new job.


Episode 8 - Liz Leaves the Nest

Elizabeth is the first Johnston child to move out into her own house. Anna hopes to be close behind, but she may not have convinced her parents that she's responsible enough.


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