7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons Season 12 Episodes

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Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Eyebrows and Anxiety

After the family celebrates Amber's birthday, she and Anna decide to upgrade their looks. Brice and Liz are ready to take the next step in their relationship, and Trent and Amber have a heart-to-heart with Jonah about his recent behavioral issues.


Episode 2 - When Death Does Us Apart

Jonah moves back home and starts a new routine. Alex and Emma join forces to help Amber at home. Anna, Liz and Emma make vision boards and discuss their goals in love and life. Then, the family video chats with a familiar face.


Episode 3 - Sleepless in Forsyth

Trent's snoring keeps Amber up at night and puts his health in danger. Liz heads to Nashville for a girls' weekend, but three little women out on the town draws unwanted attention. Alex gets an exciting opportunity.


Episode 4 - Adventures in PR

After the family enjoys a local strawberry festival, Elizabeth and Brice begin to move his things into her home. Emma starts an internship, and Jonah's girlfriend, Ashley, visits, but Trent and Amber have questions for the couple.


Episode 5 - Dating and Skating

Anna and Emma look for love at a singles event. Elizabeth meets with Brice's parents to talk to them about the couple moving in together. When Jonah's girlfriend, Ashley, visits for the weekend, Trent and Amber voice their opinions.


Episode 6 - Lettuce Get It On

Emma discovers the wild side of animal care during a new internship, and Jonah gets serious about his mental health. Anna and Amber make strides in their relationship while pursuing changes in their professional lives.


Episode 7 - Bomp Chicka Bow Wow Bench

Alex and Emma look at potential cars, but some driving lesson mishaps may set them back. Liz and Brice's plans to move in together hit another obstacle. Then, Trent and Amber have ideas for a sleek and sexy bathroom renovation.


Episode 8 - Big Daddy's Lil Premiere

Brice surprises Liz with a special date to take their mind off the complications of moving in together. The Johnston girls catch up over lunch where they are treated to sushi and a show. Alex offers to shoot a commercial for Trent's business.


Episode 9 - Pickleball and Perms

Jonah prepares for the family's upcoming trip to the annual little people's conference with a bold new look. Meanwhile, Emma and Anna speculate on the real reason Brice can't move in with Elizabeth yet.


Episode 10 - Lotsa Little Lovin'

The Johnstons head to Spokane for the annual Little People of America convention to meet up with friends, including Joose. Then while Anna, Alex and Emma give updates on their dating lives, Jonah and Ashley reunite to discuss rekindling.


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