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7 Little Johnstons Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mo' House, Mo' Problems

After weeks of hotel living, the Johnstons finally move into their new house, but a home repair leads to a dangerous discovery that may have the family packing their bags before they can even settle in to their dream home.


Episode 2 - Love Stings

Trent sets up a beehive as Liz deals with the social media fallout from her recent breakup. Meanwhile, the Johnstons deal with the aftermath of their mold discovery.


Episode 3 - How Elizabeth Got Her Groove Back

Liz tries to get over her first heartbreak by putting on her own art show, but how will she feel if no one shows up? To keep the rest of the kids out of Liz's hair, Trent and Amber take them bowling.


Episode 4 - Jonah's Grad-itude

As Jonah becomes the first Johnston kid to graduate high school, Trent and Amber confront him about his disrespectful attitude. With torrential rain forecast, the graduation may be a washout.


Episode 5 - Fish Balls

The Johnstons start off summer vacation with a blast by building rockets together. Then, Emma is turning 13, and the family decides to celebrate with a day exploring her Chinese heritage.


Episode 6 - A Tale of Two Rivers

The Johnstons take a family canoe trip and it's all fun and games until Trent is in danger of getting wet. Then, Trent brings home a new kitten, and later, the family suffers an unexpected tragedy.


Episode 7 - 20 Years of Trent and Amber

Trent and Amber are celebrating their 20th anniversary by spending the night at a bed and breakfast, and they leave Anna in charge of the kids at home. Will she prove she's mature enough to handle this?


Episode 8 - Love in Lederhosen

The Johnstons head to a Bavarian-style village in the Georgia mountains for a fun family weekend with candy, outdoor adventure and tchotchkes galore. The family tries to recreate the adventure at home by building a zipline.


Episode 9 - Trent's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Despite being given just two rules to abide by at their annual Little People conference, Anna gets in trouble and faces severe consequences. Once back home, Liz and Trent butt heads over driving lessons.


Episode 10 - Yo Shawty!

As a new school year begins, Jonah has a Little Person lady friend come visit to see if romance will bloom. Trent and Amber discuss opening a refurbished furniture shop and look at commercial real estate options around town.


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