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7 Little Johnstons Season 11 Episodes

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Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Finnish Are Coming!

The Johnstons prepare for the arrival of Joose, a Finnish exchange student. While Liz, Anna and Jonah enjoy living on their own, the younger kids help Trent up his social media game for his new job.


Episode 2 - Friday Night Heights

The Johnstons introduce Joose to American traditions, including pumpkin carving at Halloween and a Friday night at the high school football game. Meanwhile, Alex is struggling in school.


Episode 3 - Wife Carrying

The Johnstons introduce their Finnish foreign exchange student, Joose, to their competitive side with the first ever Johnston Backyard Games. Then, Trent and Amber celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary with plumbing, pajamas and plaster.


Episode 4 - The Cranberry Massacre

The Johnstons introduce their foreign exchange student, Joose, to some common Thanksgiving traditions -- as well as a few traditions of their own. Liz and Anna look into becoming homeowners, and Liz thinks she and Brice are ready for the next step.


Episode 5 - Mr. Joose Goes to Washington

After celebrating Finnish Independence Day, the Johnstons head to Washington, D.C. to show Joose America's capital. Back in Georgia, Anna and Liz give Jonah's bachelor pad a makeover.


Episode 6 - Are You Kissing?

It's Christmas in Georgia, and the Johnstons and Joose share traditions. Anna is seeing a new guy, but she's reluctant to have him meet the family. Meanwhile, Liz decorates her own place and talks about a future home with Brice.


Episode 7 - Coming Clean

The Johnstons celebrate the New Year with their exchange student, Joose, but an unexpected call from Jonah leaves Amber and Trent reeling.


Episode 8 - The Finn-ale

The Johnstons say goodbye to their Finnish exchange student, Joose. Then, Elizabeth drops a bomb on her parents about her future plans with Brice.


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