7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Summer Lovin'

The Johnstons are back with some big life events on the horizon. Trent seeks answers for his ongoing health issues, Liz reenters the dating scene, with Emma not too far behind, and Anna is unsure about leaving home after graduation.


Episode 2 - Anna Ate My Homework

The Johnstons pamper themselves with mud masks before getting down and dirty at a princess-themed mud run. Jonah gives Trent and Amber some devastating news and Trent receives the results from his gallbladder scan.


Episode 3 - We Came from Uranus

The Johnstons pursue their family history with the help of a genealogist and get some unexpected results. Jonah deals with the fallout from being kicked out of college, while Trent and Amber turn to a professional for help.


Episode 4 - It's a Boy!

Emma is diagnosed with a speech disorder, which she must overcome in order to lead summer-camp activities. Worried about her ability to lead a group, Trent and Amber take the family to an improv class to help Emma think on her feet.


Episode 5 - Naked and Annoyed

The Johnstons camp out in the backyard while renovations are underway, and Amber decides to make the family go tech-free by locking everyone's phone away for the weekend. Can five teenagers survive without technology, or is someone going to crack?


Episode 6 - If This RV's 'a-Rockin

Before the Johnstons attend their annual little people's conference in San Francisco, Trent and Amber decide to start the trip in San Diego and drive up in an RV. Everyone is excited for the destination, but can they survive a week in an RV together?


Episode 7 - It's a Small World

The Johnston kids enjoy a week in San Francisco for their annual little people's conference, where Emma reunites with her BFF Lucca and Anna finds herself a date. Trouble arises when the family is heckled in public.


Episode 8 - That's Cringey!

The family is back home from their two week California vacation, and the start of the school year is approaching fast. Anna breaks down as she prepares to start college, and Trent and Amber worry Liz is getting too hot and heavy with her new boyfriend.


Episode 9 - School Rules

School is back in session, with mixed feelings from the kids. Alex and Emma dress up as historical characters for a social studies project, while Jonah's new college schedule worries Trent.


Episode 10 - I'm Not Dying!

Anna is finally ready to leave for college, and the excitement sets in as she and her sisters do some back-to-school shopping. A final family dinner gets tense as Trent upsets Emma. Move-in day finally comes, and the small size of the dorm is a big shock.


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