Taskmaster Season 10 Episodes

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - God's Haemorrhoid.

Taskmaster returns for its 10th series. Greg Davies is just as ravenous as ever to sit in judgement on five comedians seeking to win his love by completing his apparently pointless tasks. Those five are: Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring. Greg's PA Alex Horne takes notes amid scenes involving giant bears, disappearing cows and flying eggs.


Episode 2 - A Documentary About a Despots.

Johnny Vegas yells stuff from a tall chair, Katherine Parkinson forgets how balloons work and Richard Herring flails about in a dinghy. Taskmaster Greg Davies does his best to score their efforts as the race to win his magnificent golden bonce continues. Alex Horne makes himself useful by checking things on his tablet.


Episode 3 - Point of Swivel.

Five comics continue their quest to get their hands on Taskmaster Greg Davies's bold gold bonce. Under the fairly beady eye of glorified secretary Alex Horne, Maawan Rizwan attempts a breathtaking farm-related illusion, Daisy May Cooper softens some pasta and Katherine Parkinson lays waste to a garden arch.


Episode 4 - Toshwash.

Greg Davies and his miniature assistant Alex Horne set more inventively pointless tasks for their ever-willing cast of comics. This episode sees Daisy May Cooper flirting with a security guard, Richard Herring being surprised by some chickens and Johnny Vegas convincing Alex to wear some sparkly shoes while operating heavy machinery.


Episode 5 - I Hate Your Trainers.

The series reaches its halfway point and Daisy May Cooper has set the early pace in the race to win Greg Davies's coveted gilded head-trophy. All five comics demonstrate their love of watermelon today, while Johnny Vegas attempts to win some points by grabbing a passing cyclist and introducing him to some Christmas-related equipment.


Episode 6 - Hippopotamus.

The second half of the series begins here and all five comics, except possibly Katherine Parkinson, still have a realistic chance of lifting Greg Davies's magnificent gold skull and becoming the 10th Taskmaster champion. Alex Horne takes copious notes as Daisy May Cooper gets cross, Mawaan Rizwan learns a lesson about waterfowl and Richard Herring wrings out a wet sock.


Episode 7 - Legit Glass.

Mawaan Rizwan is not fazed at all when faced with office chairs, chickens and remote control cars, although that's not the case for all the other competitors. Daisy May Cooper gets locked in a garage trying to decipher weird messages from Richard Herring, while Katherine Parkinson is baffled when presented with a giant marble. Greg Davies, the judgemental Taskmaster, grades their efforts with his customary vigour, ably assisted by the absurdly loyal Little Alex Horne.


Episode 8 - Moments of Silence.

With just three episodes left in the series, Daisy May Cooper holds a 10-point lead and looks favourite to win Taskmaster Greg Davies's much-admired golden head. Greg's Exec Sec Alex Horne gets an acting role this week as he tries to ignore Richard Herring hiding menacingly in some bushes. Katherine Parkinson pays a visit to the fridge, Mawaan Rizwan nicks a cup of tea and Johnny Vegas takes a tumble.


Episode 9 - Air Horn Andy.

Just two episodes left in this series and the five famous faces are hoping to conjure that little bit of magic that might help them become the tenth Taskmaster champion. But will Greg Davies be impressed with Richard Herring spilling blood for the cause? Or Mawaan Rizwan volleying oranges? Or Katherine Parkinson counting ping pong balls? As always, Little Alex Horne stands by, recording little statistics on his little tablet.


Episode 10 - Dog Meat Trifle.

It's the Taskmaster Grand Final and at least four-fifths of the comical quintet on show still have genuine hopes of being able to call Greg Davies's glittering golden noggin their own. Alex Horne, the Taskmaster's personal assistant, watches Katherine Parkinson look for a spider and Daisy May Cooper destroy a mannequin. Johnny Vegas's pocket watch finally comes in handy.


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