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Episode 1 - Dignity intact.

Taskmaster returns for a fifth series, toting five new courageous comics all ready to risk humiliation if it means lifting Taskmaster Greg Davies's golden head in triumph. With assistant Alex Horne in tow, Greg will be judging the efforts of Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips as they play basketball without hands, get stranded in a lake and devise special cuddles for a special someone.


Episode 2 - The leprechaun or the lesbian.

Perched upon his grand throne, Taskmaster Greg Davies judges both with and without prejudice as five comics compete to impress him by attempting his fiendish tasks. Administrative sidekick Alex Horne watches on as Aisling Bea bleeds on bread, Nish Kumar pretends he's Robin Hood and Mark Watson feels the wrath of yoghurt.


Episode 3 - Phoenix.

Sometimes with humour, more often with viciousness, Taskmaster Greg Davies continues to rank five comics in order of competency as they attempt complex assignments such as jelly-balancing and coconut costumery. Alex Horne, Greg's obedient private secretary in charge of data, is on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. Also: Mark Watson tries to open an unlocked briefcase.


Episode 4 - Residue around the hoof.

The halfway point of the series approaches and the five task-hungry comics are being driven to ever more absurd lengths as they battle to lay their sticky fingers on Taskmaster Greg Davies's golden head. Mark and Nish pop toast together and Sally Phillips spreads absinthe on it. And can anyone recognise Greg's loyal underling Alex Horne if he's wearing a hat?


Episode 5 - A wind-dried puffin.

The series passes the halfway stage and the tantalising prospect of owning the Taskmaster trophy is getting closer for all five comic competitors who are not named Nish Kumar. Show five sees Alex Horne risk the wrath of his fierce employer Greg Davies with an unsanctioned task, Sally Phillips locks herself in the caravan with an amorous watercooler and Aisling Bea crams an Italian entrée dish into a balloon.


Episode 6 - Spoony Neeson.

Taskmaster Greg Davies's little assistant Alex Horne decides it's time for a style makeover, but will it meet with his boss's approval? Meanwhile, with just three shows left, the five comics continue their quest to win a golden likeness of Greg's imperial skull. Bob Mortimer champions sausage meat, Sally Phillips returns to the womb and Greg has a heart to heart with Nish Kumar.


Episode 7 - Boing boing.

It's the semi-final and time is running out to claim the points needed to become the Taskmaster Series Champion. In this episode, Greg Davies and Alex Horne set the contestants a series of cruel conundrums: Should Nish Kumar use the coconut harness? What should Sally Phillips do with a slice of bread when blindfolded? And who should they vote for in yet another referendum?


Episode 8 - Their water's so delicious.

The series reaches its dramatic climax. Four comics are locked in a thrilling battle to win the coveted Taskmaster trophy, while Nish Kumar is at least enjoying the ride. Greg Davies, ably supported by Alex Horne, holds their fate in his powerful hands as he weighs up Aisling Bea's cushion-leaping, two songs about a woman named Rosalind and Bob Mortimer's intimate knowledge of Dumfries and Galloway.


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