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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Chassis, The Wings.

Taskmaster Greg Davies returns to wreak havoc with the lives of five comics who must have known what they were signing up for, yet went ahead and did it anyway. Dara Ó Briain, Fern Brady, John Kearns, Munya Chawawa and Sarah Millican are the noble knights hoping to win this elaborate joust to become the 14th Taskmaster champion. Lurking furtively in the background as they fumble frozen peas and shout about fish is Greg's ever loyal puppy, Little Alex Horne.


Episode 2 - Enormous Hugeness.

Little Alex Horne is as happy as a sandboy because he gets to supervise tasks involving administration, little ducks and, best of all, messy flour, all for his beloved Taskmaster, Greg Davies. John Kearns gets nostalgic about fonts, Sarah Millican searches for a door and Munya Chawawa falls in a bath.


Episode 3 - Dafty in the Middle.

By the end of this episode many curious questions will be answered. Can Alex Horne throw a ball over a house? Why would Munya Chawawa punch a bucket of sand? Does Dara Ó Briain enjoy the Conga? Can Fern Brady fly? Is Sarah Millican fireproof? Why is John Kearns so disliked by his own teammates? But perhaps most curious of all, why is the notoriously brutal Taskmaster Greg Davies treating the whole gang to a delicious dessert?


Episode 4 - Crumbs in My Bralette.

Leading Little Alex Horne along by his little lead, Taskmaster Greg Davies has a brand new set of tasks with potential to humble his cast of comics. Dara Ó Briain shows off a fabulous flair for folding, Fern Brady complains about being forced to tidy up and Munya Chawawa tries to work some DIY magic with a coat hanger. Plus, Sarah Millican beautifully reveals what kind of foodstuff is catnip to her.


Episode 5 - Chip Biffington.

The five beleaguered comics fighting to win Greg Davies's very valuable golden head are offered some rare respite with a raft of seemingly enjoyable tasks. Sarah Millican gets her hands in some cottage pie, Fern Brady is introduced as Brandy Alexander and Munya Chawawa demonstrates his mastery of martial arts. Elsewhere, John Kearns survives an operation and Dara Ó Briain carefully selects a luggage trolley. Alex Horne dots the i's and crosses the t's.


Episode 6 - Long-Legged Lobster.

Dara Ó Briain leads the race to win Greg Davies's fabled head at this halfway point in the series, but even he finds himself baffled by a quantity of milk. From the chasing pack, John Kearns does some elaborate skipping, Munya Chawawa does some elaborate jumping and Fern Brady walks too slowly. Amidst the carnage, Little Alex Horne attempts to offer some sound advice to all five competitors, but finds himself largely ignored.


Episode 7 - The System of Endless Plates.

Taskmaster Greg Davies sits in judgement upon a group of comics desperate to become the apple of his eye. His miniature assistant, Alex Horne, notes down the key facts as Sarah Millican flails about with a frying pan, Fern Brady enjoys the power of a spiky plant and Munya Chawawa pulls off a spectacular billiards shot. Also, all five contestants spend far too much time searching for a bath, given the size of the bath.


Episode 8 - The One That Bats Do.

Just three episodes of the series remain and both Fern Brady and Munya Chawawa are yet to claim a win, but perhaps a rare tailless tiger can bring them some luck. Meanwhile, Dara Ó Briain gets visibly frustrated with John Kearns, and Sarah Millican does something clever with her hand. Greg Davies doles out points and withering looks depending on the cast's efforts, while Alex Horne looks on in admiration.


Episode 9 - A New Business End.

It's the penultimate episode of the series and Alex Horne's notes show that Dara Ó Briain holds a very slender lead in the race to claim television's most prestigious prize: Greg Davies's golden head on a plinth. John Kearns blunts the business end of a sausage, Fern Brady struggles with a raspberry and Munya Chawawa unwittingly forces Sarah Millican into finding a novel use for a ping pong ball.


Episode 10 - Did I Meet These Potatoes Before?

After nine episodes of tense, heated competition it's time for the Taskmaster Grand Final! But which one of the five contestants will howl with triumph as they hold aloft Greg Davies's gold-sprayed head? That might depend on John Kearns finding a grape, Sarah Millican's scissors and an accurate description of Dara Ó Briain's eye colour. The helpful Alex Horne lifts a duck for Fern Brady and provides some moon boots for Munya Chawawa.


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