Silent Witness Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Buried Lies Part 1

Dr. Samantha Ryan moves back to Cambridge to take up a consultant's post. Sam's first case is the tragic death of a six-year-old girl who is thought to have drowned.


Episode 2 - Buried Lies Part 2

Sam visits Marion in prison and is surprised to learn about her previous relationship. Marion does not deny giving her child tranquilizers in order to save Kim from Gary's furious rage.


Episode 3 - Long Days, Short Nights Part 1

Dr. Sam Ryan is called to the scene of a young man whose badly decomposed body cannot hide the signs of a ritual element to the killing.


Episode 4 - Long Days, Short Nights Part 2

Fran leaves to come back to find Daniel has become murder victim number two. This time Sam is able to give evidence.


Episode 5 - Darkness Visible Part 1

Dr. Sam Ryan is called to tend to the scene of a death. Michael Pearce was picked up for obstruction and assault during an argument outside a gay nightclub.


Episode 6 - Darkness Visible Part 2

Sam cannot state for certain whether PC Johns committed suicide or whether he fell. Farmer's station is in turmoil after the loss of a colleague.


Episode 7 - Sins of the Fathers Part 1

DI Adams needs help to identify a burnt body and to establish whether it is murder or a tragedy. The victim would be the father of one of Sam’s students.


Episode 8 - Sins of the Fathers Part 2

Tran disappears and Sam finds the case reminds her of her father's death. When Tran is finally located, Adams is convinced she knows more.


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