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Episode 1 - Series 1, Episode 1: Buried Lies, Pt. 1

Dr Sam Ryan investigates the deaths of two children, each of whom have a connection with the same violent man.


Episode 2 - Series 1, Episode 2: Buried Lies, Pt. 2

Sam confronts investigators with new information. Although initially met with incredulity, it results in a Kim's body being exhumed to see if the injuries to both girls are similar.


Episode 3 - Series 1, Episode 3: Long Days, Short Nights, Pt.1

A badly decomposed body bears all the signs of a ritualistic killing. Sam follows the clues into the world of the occult.


Episode 4 - Series 1, Episode 4: Long Days, Short Nights, Pt. 2

Sam goes to Bird's girlfriend Fran, the one person who can explain what has been going on. Fran discloses that there had been a fifth friend, leading to a pivotal revelation.


Episode 5 - Series 1, Episode 5: Darkness Visible, Pt. 1

A man's death while in police custody appears to be an open and shut case, before Sam receives a letter that casts fresh doubts.


Episode 6 - Series 1, Episode 6: Darkness Visible, Pt. 2

Sam cannot state for certain whether PC Johns committed suicide or whether he fell, and investigating officers are beginning to believe that something is being covered up. Sam receives a suspicious package in the post and the bomb squad are called in.


Episode 7 - Series 1, Episode 7: Sins of the Fathers, Pt. 1

A student asks Sam for personal advice over her arranged marriage. But when tragedy strikes, Sam's professional expertise is required.


Episode 8 - Series 1, Episode 8: Sins of the Fathers, Pt. 2

Vietnamese refugee Tran tells the harrowing story of her family's nightmare journey across the South China Seas. The complex story of the guilt and fatherhood ends in tragedy, and forces Sam to face some of her own demons concerning her father.


Episode 9 - Series 2, Episode 1: Blood, Sweat and Tears, Pt. 1

Boxer Kevin Sharma dies from a brain injury in the ring. As Sam investigates the body, suspicious events occur in the boxing community.


Episode 10 - Series 2, Episode 2: Blood, Sweat and Tears, Pt. 2

The investigation widens. Sam quickly realises that Terri's death could not have been suicide but she still has to prove it. Meanwhile the police are fitting together the pieces of a too-coincidental puzzle.


Episode 11 - Series 2, Episode 3: Cease Upon the Midnight, Pt. 1

A routine post-mortem reveals foul play may have been behind the death of an Aids sufferer, sparking an investigation into several other seemingly normal deaths.


Episode 12 - Series 2, Episode 4: Cease Upon the Midnight, Pt. 2

Sam investigates the possibility that this could have been a case of euthanasia.


Episode 13 - Series 2, Episode 5: Only the Lonely, Pt. 1

DSI Ross and Dr Sam Ryan uncover a pattern linking several cold cases almost by coincidence when the body of Helen Matthews is discovered.


Episode 14 - Series 2, Episode 6: Only the Lonely, Pt. 2

After a second murder, the unusual bruising on both bodies links this case to an old file.


Episode 15 - Series 2, Episode 7: Friends Like These, Pt. 1

The murder of an elderly woman is blamed on a local alcoholic with a violent history. However Sam is convinced he is innocent.


Episode 16 - Series 2, Episode 8: Friends Like These, Pt. 2

Sam is forced to put her job on the line to prove that that this horrifying crime was committed by two 15-year-old boys.


Episode 17 - Series 3, Episode 1: An Academic Exercise, Pt. 1

Sam is shaken when she must investigate the death of a friend and fellow Cambridge professor.


Episode 18 - Series 3, Episode 2: An Academic Exercise, Pt. 2

A student is murdered and the police suspect it is the same person who killed lecturer Annabelle Evans. Sam is too close to the case and her emotion is clouding her judgement.


Episode 19 - Series 3, Episode 3: Fallen Idol, Pt. 1

Hidden secrets in a suburban, middle class family come to light when a 17-year-old girl is found dead in an empty house. Did she fall, or was she pushed?


Episode 20 - Series 3, Episode 4: Fallen Idol, Pt. 2

Who killed Gemma? A man from her past, an unknown stalker or someone closer to home?


Episode 21 - Series 3, Episode 5: Divided Loyalties, Pt. 1

Sam enters a world of dealers, undercover detectives and corrupt police when two deaths are linked by a single batch of heroin and a drug war explodes on the streets.


Episode 22 - Series 3, Episode 6: Divided Loyalties, Pt. 2

After Fox is beaten up, he believes his attackers are themselves police-officers. Does Sam realise her investigation could point to police corruption?


Episode 23 - Series 3, Episode 7: Brothers in Arms, Pt. 1

A suspicious farming accident in present-day Cambridge leads Sam to investigate the army cover-up of a murder in Northern Ireland in 1985


Episode 24 - Series 3, Episode 8: Brothers in Arms, Pt. 2

What is the connection between the dead soldier, Ian Neal, and an Army killing in Northern Ireland in 1985? Sam's investigations take her to Marie Kavanagh, an Irish woman who as a child witnessed the death of a young poacher.


Episode 25 - Series 4, Episode 1: Gone Tomorrow, Pt. 1

Top pathologist Sam Ryan is now a professor teaching at London University. Sam is called in by ex-Detective Inspector Leslie Peterson, now a Coroner's officer, who is investigating the ditching of a helicopter ferrying crew to a gas rig with 14 passengers and two crew on board.


Episode 26 - Series 4, Episode 2: Gone Tomorrow, Pt. 2

All Sam's skills are required when 10 more bodies are recovered from the North Sea, and the piecing together of the jigsaw of evidence begins in earnest with her pathology team. The discovery that a new rotor bolt was fitted to the crash helicopter recently and that the files are not up-to-date raises more questions. Who supplied and fitted the parts, and did the pilot and engineer sign them off?


Episode 27 - Series 4, Episode 3: A Kind of Justice, Pt. 1

Sam Ryan takes on a gangland murder case to help builder Brian McNally, whom she believes to be innocent.


Episode 28 - Series 4, Episode 4: A Kind of Justice, Pt. 2

Following the death of murder suspect Brian McNally, Sam Ryan is approached by his daughter.


Episode 29 - Series 4, Episode 5: A Good Body, Pt. 1

When a dozen people die in a cinema fire, Connor - now a detective chief inspector - is in charge of the investigation and, over dinner with Sam Ryan, explains that he is coming back to London. Could their relationship be rekindled, or have they both moved on?


Episode 30 - Series 4, Episode 6: A Good Body, Pt. 2

Having learned that violent criminal Chris Caldwell may have been wrongly convicted for murder, Sam and DCI Michael Connor are eager to get at the truth.


Episode 31 - Series 5, Episode 1: The World Cruise, Pt. 1

Sam uncovers the dark history behind a series of murders while investigating the deaths of two elderly brothers.


Episode 32 - Series 5, Episode 2: The World Cruise, Pt. 2

Sam carries out her own investigation on Wein's body and unearths new evidence which prompts Ranjeet to dig further into the lives of the brothers. He makes some surprising discoveries which hark back to the brutalities of the Second World War and the Nazi concentration camps.


Episode 33 - Series 5, Episode 3: Two Below Zero, Pt. 1

The bodies of two missing girls are discovered in Norway. Although 15 years separate their cases, Sam discovers a disturbing link.


Episode 34 - Series 5, Episode 4: Two Below Zero, Pt. 2

When the body of another young girl is found in a freezer at the Hutton's estate, Henry Hutton is brought in for questioning. Henry's brother, Tony reveals that Henry had been banished from the house years ago after he had sex with a 12-year old girl. The girl then died shortly afterwards in a freak accident.


Episode 35 - Series 5, Episode 5: Faith, Pt. 1

Sam investigates two different murders while trying to deal with a terrible discovery about her own health.


Episode 36 - Series 5, Episode 6: Faith, Pt. 2

The results of Sam's tests have come through. It's good news for Sam, but bad news for Sister Geraldine.


Episode 37 - Series 6, Episode 1: Fallout, Pt. 1

A massive road traffic accident that results in the death of 11 people poses a challenge for Sam and her new team as they search for the real truth behind the tragedy.


Episode 38 - Series 6, Episode 2: Fallout, Pt. 2

There is a significant breakthrough in the case when a young Albanian girl, Nikolla Shala, identifies the body pulled from the Thames as her sister. Later, terrified of the consequences of talking to the police, she disappears.


Episode 39 - Series 6, Episode 3: Kith and Kill, Pt. 1

The investigation into the brutal murder of a family in their own home unravels a tale of powerful emotions, and brings Sam into contact with an old friend.


Episode 40 - Series 6, Episode 4: Kith and Kill, Pt. 2

Police attention turns to Mike Taverner, the manager of Derek Irons' trucking business, whom Jamie accused of fiddling the books before his death. However, forensic evidence uncovered by Leo and Sam following Jamie's death tells another story.


Episode 41 - Series 6, Episode 5: Tell No Tales, Pt. 1

Suspicion is aroused when a long-dead male corpse is discovered in a derelict factory. Harry is implicated in the tragic death of a young student from the medical faculty.


Episode 42 - Series 6, Episode 6: Tell No Tales, Pt. 2

Sam Ryan gets closer to solving the mystery of Marcus' death and Harry finds himself at the centre of an investigation into Natalie's untimely death.


Episode 43 - Series 6, Episode 7: Closed Ranks, Pt. 1

A young police probation officer is found murdered on a landfill site just months after a similar suspicious death. The investigation leads to a police cadet college.


Episode 44 - Series 6, Episode 8: Closed Ranks, Pt. 2

After Sam's discovery of Gabby Langton's body, Carter's attention becomes even more firmly fixed on the police college, particularly when he discovers that Sergeant Ron Allen had access to details of the Ottey case which he passed on to his students.


Episode 45 - Series 7, Episode 1: Answering Fire, Pt. 1

Sam is called after a suspected terrorist attack causes a fire at a hotel and a government minister is injured.


Episode 46 - Series 7, Episode 2: Answering Fire, Pt. 2

Gallacher reveals Mary's true identity; a cabinet minister fixer safe guarding Bowman's privacy. When Mary accuses Sam of feeding a journalist with information about cash in the Minister's room, Sam rumbles her.


Episode 47 - Series 7, Episode 3: Fatal Error, Pt. 1

A case that pathologist Sam Ryan worked on 13 years ago comes back to haunt her.


Episode 48 - Series 7, Episode 4: Fatal Error, Pt. 2

A member of the jury is found dead at her home in Essex. It transpires that all the victims being targeted are in some manner responsible for Patterson's conviction; hence a list of jury members is sought.


Episode 49 - Series 7, Episode 5: Running on Empty, Pt. 1

Sam is called in to investigate when a pregnant sports agent falls to her death from an office building.


Episode 50 - Series 7, Episode 6: Running on Empty, Pt. 2

Sam is becoming increasingly emotionally involved in the case. She almost crashes her car on the way to work one morning. She cannot rest until the truth is uncovered.


Episode 51 - Series 7, Episode 7: Beyond Guilty, Pt. 1

The Home Office ask Sam and her team to examine a time of death as given by an independent pathologist.


Episode 52 - Series 7, Episode 8: Beyond Guilty, Pt. 2

When Sam discovers that the Home Office used her and the team to muscle out Sachs, she considers posting the report onto the internet.


Episode 53 - Series 8, Episode 1: Time to Heal, Pt. 1

An investigation into two bodies discovered in Northern Ireland following a landslide leads Sam to uncover secrets close to home.


Episode 54 - Series 8, Episode 2: Time to Heal, Pt. 2

Harry finds a marking on the hand of one of the corpses which turns out to be the imprint of an Royal Ulster Constabulary badge.The find suggests that the brothers may have been killed by corrupt RUC officers.


Episode 55 - Series 8, Episode 3: Death by Water, Pt. 1

Still coming to terms with Sam Ryan's departure, Leo and Harry investigate two mysterious deaths on the south coast of England.


Episode 56 - Series 8, Episode 4: Death by Water, Pt. 2

The friction between Leo and Tom continues, as Leo's professional judgement is brought into question by his rival, Marcus Gwilym.


Episode 57 - Series 8, Episode 5: Nowhere Fast, Pt. 1

Harry is called out to a death at a racecourse. A jockey was killed when his horse pulled up and fell, crushing him to death. The Jockey Club, suspecting foul play, abandoned the race meeting and called in the police.


Episode 58 - Series 8, Episode 6: Nowhere Fast, Pt. 2

Matt Gibb, another member of the syndicate, becomes the prime suspect when police discover he has huge gambling debts.


Episode 59 - Series 8, Episode 7: Body 21, Pt. 1

The survivors of a terrible train crash approach the team to help them discover the truth behind the disaster.


Episode 60 - Series 8, Episode 8: Body 21, Pt. 2

Leo, Harry and Nikki step up their efforts to discover the truth behind the train crash but there are still many unanswered questions. Body 21 remains unidentified and nobody knows where he was when the train crashed.


Episode 61 - Series 9, Episode 1: Ghosts, Pt. 1

When his wife and teenaged daughter are involved in a hit and run car crash, Leo begins a painful journey back to his native Sheffield. Leo struggles to accept the facts and soon finds himself at odds with the Sheffield team investigating the incident. Back in London Nikki investigates the murders of two unidentified women and she too finds the police uncooperative.


Episode 62 - Series 9, Episode 2: Ghosts, Pt. 2

As the police infiltrate a gang of identity thieves, Leo faces a choice between justice and revenge as he pursues the man responsible for the hit-and-run.


Episode 63 - Series 9, Episode 3: Choices, Pt. 1

A submachine gun attack on a group of teenagers outside a London nightclub brings the team into the unfamiliar urban world of street gangs on the decaying inner-city estates. Meanwhile Nikki uncovers the decomposed body of a drug addict and finds herself in conflict with a detective who believes that such deaths are so common they are hardly worth investigating.


Episode 64 - Series 9, Episode 4: Choices, Pt. 2

The man behind the bloodshed pits both factions against one another and the team are in a race against time.


Episode 65 - Series 9, Episode 5: The Meaning of Death, Pt. 1

When her grandmother passes away, Nikki begins to have doubts about her profession. Meanwhile, the team is drawn into the investigation of a series of brutal and apparently entirely motiveless murders - and a killer who seemingly needs to look his victims in the face as they die. Harry investigates the death of a woman who appears to have drowned in three inches of water - with no obvious suspect to apportion blame.


Episode 66 - Series 9, Episode 6: The Meaning of Death, Pt. 2

Harry discovers that the woman who drowned was pregnant, and the team gradually begins to collate evidence from the kidnap case. As Nikki struggles to deal with her own feelings about faith and death, her search brings her face to face with the darkest of killers.


Episode 67 - Series 9, Episode 7: Mind And Body, Pt. 1

A paranoid schizophrenic goes on a violent frenzy in a busy high street and two people are left dead. Then when a young man from the same care home commits suicide, Nikki becomes convinced that there is a connection. Meanwhile Harry tries to find the truth about a teenage suicide's death for her devastated mother, and Leo investigates the murder of a bank manager.


Episode 68 - Series 9, Episode 8: Mind and Body, Pt. 2

Nikki's investigation takes an unexpected turn when she reaches January House Care Centre and finds that Morrie has tried to commit suicide.


Episode 69 - Series 10, Episode 1: Cargo, Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. When four bodies are found in the Thames after a boat filled with illegal immigrants is wrecked, the team realise they are dealing with a people trafficking operation. They set out to look for survivors and find themselves delving into communities of illegal immigrants.


Episode 70 - Series 10, Episode 2: Cargo, Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2. The discovery that one of the bodies from the wrecked boat in the Thames was carrying a highly infectious disease increases the pressure on the team to track down any other survivors before the virus breaks out into the wider community.


Episode 71 - Series 10, Episode 3: Terminus, Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. Harry investigates a hit and run accident on a rundown council estate while Leo is drawn into the case of a woman killed in a terrible and suspicious fire at her house. Nikki examines a woman who collapsed and died on her hen night.


Episode 72 - Series 10, Episode 4: Terminus, Pt 2

Part 2 of 2. Leo investigates a drunk who died on a night bus, Nikki investigates the poisoning of a go-ahead sales executive, and when Harry is called out to the apparent suicide of a premier league football star he uncovers a link back to the accident at the housing estate.


Episode 73 - Series 10, Episode 5: A Body of Work, Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. Harry and Nikki's tentative new relationship is jeopardised when Harry's ex-girlfriend is killed. Nikki takes on the case, which looks like suicide, but Harry becomes obsessed. Meanwhile, Leo works on the elaborately staged murder of conceptual artist Jimmy Triangle.


Episode 74 - Series 10, Episode 6: A Body of Work, Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2. Leo is puzzled by more contrary clues in the strange death of conceptual artist Jimmy Triangle. Someone is playing a game, but who and why? Meanwhile, Harry and Nikki are pushed further apart when he forces her to re-examine the body of his ex-girlfriend.


Episode 75 - Series 10, Episode 7: Supernova, Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. Memories of his own daughter's death are stirred when Leo is called in to investigate the suicide of a young girl. Confusion arises when the case is linked to that of a car salesman. Meanwhile, Nikki investigates the death of an elderly woman.


Episode 76 - Series 10, Episode 8: Supernova, Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2. Leo races to find a connection between two apparently motiveless murders as a third killing takes place at a school and the police decide they are looking for a serial killer. Nikki, meanwhile, proves that her elderly victim did not die as a result of being attacked.


Episode 77 - Series 10, Episode 9: Schism, Pt. 1

Part 1 of 2. Harry and Nikki are called out to a dog sanctuary where the body of a teenage girl has been found. Meanwhile, Leo is called to the General Medical Council as a character witness for his mentor, Professor Lionel Clune.


Episode 78 - Series 10, Episode 10: Schism, Pt. 2

Part 2 of 2. Harry finds himself in the middle of a dangerous cover-up and has to work against the clock to find those responsible. Meanwhile, Lionel's hearing continues, and Leo will eventually have to decide whether to follow his conscience, and betray his old friend and mentor.


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